Why Does My Dog Keep Peeing on My Bed? (Reason Should know)

Imagine a holiday afternoon when all that you want to do is rest. You get yourself all cozy and set to hop into bed and rest. However, the minute you slip under your comforter, you feel that something is not right as it is wet! You figure out that your little pup has created a mess, so you begin wondering why does my dog keeps peeing on my bed?

Why Does My Dog Keep Peeing on My Bed

The reason behind this can be numerous, beginning with medical issues to behavioral changes. Adding more to the list can be territorial markings and other petty matters.

Dog keep peeing on my bed? Medical issues:

It is normal to become agitated by this condition of your dog as everyone expects their dogs to be obedient. However, you need to dig deep into the issue and find the root cause of the problem. There is a chance that he may be facing medical issues. Now, he will not be able to communicate to you through words, so these are the little indications that should re-route you the cause.

What medical issues can he face?

The primary cause of inappropriate urination is urinary tract infection. Other issues include diabetes, spinal injury, kidney failure, and incontinence issues.

What to do?

If you observe that your dog is urinating more on the bed, then the first thing should be to take him to a vet. You would never want your dog to suffer from any of the issues mentioned above, so the vet is an ideal solution for you.

Behavioral Changes

Like humans, dogs also face behavioral changes, and they may act weird during this period. The most significant issue that causes this behavioral change in your dogs is a lack of training and assistance. Your dog would not be aware of the proper place to pee, and therefore he opted for a place for himself.

Other behavioral issues

Excitement or anxiety (or both) can also be an answer to your question. This condition mostly occurs with small puppies because they have little control over their bladder. Such puppies do not realize that they peed when they are excited or anxious because they lose control.

What to do?

Being harsh with your dog won’t help you here because it would only increase their anxiety and double the issue. You can only help your dog get over the issue through proper training and guidance. You need to instruct your dog where he can urinate, and when he follows your directions, pat him.

A tip that will help you further is defining a schedule and fixing a time for the training of your dog. This way, his actions will also become consistent.

Territorial Marking

Territorial marking is mostly an issue with male dogs who are conscious about defining their boundaries. Therefore, if your dog is peeing on your bed, your dog may be marking it as his territory. Sometimes, female dogs may also adopt this behavior. If you want to be sure, that is this reason or not, then look at the amount of urine; if there are small amounts that it is affirmative that he is urine marking the territory.

What to do?

Dogs who have not been neutered or spayed may adopt this method. Thus, the only vital solution to end this behavior is to get them spayed or neutered.

These are some of the main reasons behind dog peeing on bed; however, there are other diminutive issues as well which mostly go un-noticed.

Other issues

If none of those mentioned earlier, techniques are doing you any right, then there might be some other issues that your dog is facing.

Additional outdoor walk needed

Another reason that can be behind this issue of peeing in bed can be less outdoor walks. If you are not taking your dog out to pee occasionally, then your dog might end up doing it inside. Thus, he needs additional outings to empty his bladder.

Your dog does not understand the house-breaking process, and he does not get the concept of whether he should go out of the house or not. This confusion leads him to conclude that he can urinate in or out of the house, as he wishes.

What to do?

The only solution to this problem is evident that you should take him out more. Specifically, before and after dinner or lunch is an ideal time to go for urination break.

Changed atmosphere

Dogs get attached to a particular environment or place, so if you have changed your house recently or got your home renovated, it might arouse anxiety in your dog. As discussed earlier, this anxiety can make your dog pee around the house.

What to do?

Time is all that can help your dog in such a situation. You should focus more attention on him and work harder on his training. Get him a walk around the place because it can help him adjust to the new surroundings.

Arthritis pain

This symptom lacks in younger dogs and is mostly found in the older ones. In this condition, your dog may suffer so much pain that his moving is restricted. Thus, he will not be able to get off the bed in time. Furthermore, in this arthritis pain, your dog may not be able to empty his bladder when he is taken out for a pee break, which is why he can urinate in your bed later.

What to do?

Vets are the only solution to such problems. If your dog is under some medical issues, what can be a better option than a vet can? They can diagnose and solve the issue in a better way.

Wrap Up

Scolding and being harsh on your loyal dog is not going to solve the issues. Instead, if you are facing peeing problems of your dog, dig into the reasons, and once you are aware of the cause, then look up to the solutions. Your dog will not communicate with you in words, but a dog’s actions will indicate the problem.

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