How to Get Rid of Dog Mites in House | 6 Secret Tips

The external parasites that we call fleas heavily disturb our cats and dogs. Treating them successfully kills such parasites and their eggs from the dogs as well the environment, meaning your house. For that, you need to learn how to get rid of dog mites in the house.

How to Get Rid of Dog Mites in House |

These are not just the most widely spread insects you’ll come across, but also the most diverse of their kind. You will fail to notice them because they tend to be so small! But the fact that they go unnoticed gives them better chances of making your dog sick, rash-prone, and allergenic.

So let’s start finding ways!

How to Get Rid of Dog Mites in the House : What Expert Say?

Here’s how to get rid of dog mites in your home:

  • You have to start by removing clutter from your room and eventually the entire home. Pay special attention to laundry piles, unreached areas of sofa/coach discarded papers, dusty carpets, air ducts, and your dog’s bedding.
  • You can treat suspicious areas with Steri Fab or other sterilizing disinfectants. You can use it on most surfaces. But remember to do this step after you declutter. But, when you are thinking of using a Steri Fab be sure you are using the best one that can remove a wide range of insects. Here, what I have used for disinfecting dog mites. Best Dog Mites Killer: Check Price Here
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  • Sofas, blinds, and carpets should be disinfected weekly. Vacuum these whenever is possible. Dusting is as essential as vacuuming. Wipe all immobile objects as well as mobile. Remind yourself to use damp cloths or rugs when dusting because not doing these will simply lift the mites in the air when you dust. Wash beddings and covers in hot water when the dusting is done. It is necessary to do regular laundry of your pet’s bed.
  • You can cover your bed, pillows, and mattresses or carpets with dust-proof sheets. Also, work on your dog leash collars, toys, rugs, and sheet while you are at it.
  • Using a fogger to get rid of dog mites is a smart idea. A fogger or bug bomb can also kill mite eggs for a decent time frame. But you have to repeat it if it isn’t convincing. While using a fogger, you need to be cautious, whether it is environment friendly, and doesn’t carry health hazard.

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  • You have a chance to use food-grade diatomaceous earth instead of the regular commercial ones to dry out the fleas attached to your dog and thereby reduce transmission to your home.

Types of Mites Infections:

Three common types of mite infections include:

how to get rid dog mites in house
  1. Canine scabies stays deep inside the skin rather than just being on the fur.
  2. Ear mites, understood by black or copper ear crusts.
  3. Mites on healthy dogs that live on their hair follicles.

Unless they are causing you concern and are messing up the immune system of your dogs, you do not need to worry about fending off these mites. When your dog is itchy and inflamed, the mite population may be too intense for the dog. It would help if you treated your dog before it leads to a weak immune system or severe bacterial infection. In addition, if your dog is of a nervous, immune system, you surely need to manage them.

Natural Remedies for Dog Mites:

Usually, the risk factors that cause an outburst of mites include stress, an unclean environment, infections, and increase in heart worms. If your dog is a pregnant or nursing one, then your dog is at a higher risk of being over populated with such mites if not treated timely.

If you see patchy skin on their faces, it may be a case of demo deistic mange; you should start first by treating your dog with a safe spray to alleviate this or a shampoo bar that can result in the same alleviation. If it still does not soothe your dog, you should try to immediately take it to the vet.

But mite manifestations aren’t always so scary. Some of these problems on your dogs fix themselves. They are like a part of their dog life! But if not treated in severe conditions, they may cause health hazards. Very well cared dogs can have mites, so you need to know some natural remedies for treating the mites.

Oral medications, dip, shampoos, and creams are the most seen and tried remedies of dog mites. For a secondary infection, your vet will usually prescribe an anti fungal or antibiotic medication.

However, if you use harsh chemicals on your dogs, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and vomiting can be some common side effects that you and the dog would have to witness. That is probably the last thing you would want for your dogs health already suffering from mites.

Consider changing the vet of your dog from regular to a holistic one. Such vets will work on the diet as well as the lifestyle of your dog instead of caring for only its diseases and medications. Nutritional, natural, and wholesome foods will help your dog’s immune system to better with time. A well-balanced diet may help take over the overpopulation of mites in their bodies.

You can also use cotton swabs in the place of ear swabs to clean their ears.

Therefore, here are your options:

  • Check your adopted dogs for mites.
  • Buy dog shampoo and itch relief spray.
  • Give your dog a lot of water.
  • Naturally, derived, grain-free, dairy-free organic food is the best for the dog.
  • Give your dog immunity-boosting supplements.
  • Use ACV and honey combination.
  • Maintain general cleanliness.


To prevent the problem from recurring, you can try replacing your carpets and beddings. You will also have to keep the dog clean as well as keep the house clean because a dirty environment may cause dogs to take in mites and spread them all over the house. From the opposite perspective, when your dogs carry mite, they can quickly infect the house So it works both ways. However, to keep your home safe, we suggest you pay more attention to your pets. You can:

Give them topical or oral products suggested by your vet.

  • Use a flea comb to brush the coat of your pet dogs.
  • Clean the ears of your pet thoroughly at least once a month to help get rid of ear mites.

I hope that you are now clear on how to get rid of dog mites in the house! Blog