Top 6 Best Dog House for Hot Weather & Summer Season 2021

If the summer heat is painful in your properly ventilated and air-conditioned house, just think about what the dog is going through outdoors! Canines are equally prone to hot summer weather just like you, and that’s why you should focus on building the best dog house for hot weather for the dog.

It will shelter the dogs from the scorching heat of summer and work as the first line of defense to fend off the heat that would have directly hit the pups.

Best dog house for hot weathe and summer

Because, if you don’t know, it does not only make your pup go through agonizing pain, but it can also have severe health impacts like extreme dehydration and weakness.

I know, you don’t want any trouble with your puppies. That’s why I stepped in with my decade of experiences to share my top picks on best dog house for summer. Let’s check out my critical analysis.

At a Glance of Top 6 Picks of the Best Dog House for Summer

If you are busy, no time to go in-depth research, and looking for friendly expert advice to make a purchase decision, here is a sneak pick of our top picks of specialized dog beds for the summer season. If you have time, please go through our in-depth research about these beds in the next section. 

Best Overall: Advantex Pet 5Ft Gazebo Outdoor Dog House for Hot Climate

It was a wise decision for me and Masson (My Dog). Steel construction, durable, weather-resistant coating, portable, and Kernel utility is just awesome. I have bought the best dog house for hot weather and even camping at a reasonable price. Really Happy.”Madison at Amazon

Best Budget: Tangkula Wooden Dog House for Hot Weather

I loved its excellent & durable materials, smooth finishing, and adjustable feet features. The removable floor helped a lot to clean the waste easily. The water-resistant coating is amazing, as using for three years now. It’s cost-effective (best for me) and super air circulation (best for my buddy).”– Rick at Amazon.

Best for Durability: Suncast Outdoor Dog House for Summer

OMG! Its Highly durable, air flow is excellent, slanted roof to provide extra air, and that’s the best thing for my short breathing dog. Bought at a discounted price but features are not discounted at all. It’s super easy to set up, easy to clean, portable, smooth design, and a perfect dog house for summer.”Amelia at Chewy.

Best for Extreme Weather: Giantex Plastic Dog House for Extreme Hot Weather

Firstly, it’s Sturdy, and made with Super durable construction materials, because my super active dogs failed to scratch the house a bit (Thanks god!). The well vented design, elevated floor, detachable roof, smooth construction has made my investment working super good.”Lydia at Amazon

Best for Potability: Petmate Precision Outback Dog House for Hot Temperature

Let me tell, the features made me fall for it. Reinforced SS construction, Protective coating, Adjustable feet, well vented, ever best dog house for cold weather, and adjust different sized pets and comfortable cabin. These were enough to inspire me and add to the cart.” Jimmy at Chewy

Best Value: Petsfit Outdoor Dog House for Hot Summer Days

“It’s spacious, highly durable; the wooden construction is top-notch. I loved its detachable roof and adjustable feet. It’s great as I have different sized pets.”- Pavallo at Amazon

Feature Wise Comparison Table on Best Dog House for Hot Summer Weather

Let’s compare and contrast different dogs house available in the market in aspect of some critical features. It will help you to understand the best match dog house to serve your purpose.

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Comparative Analysis and Review of Top 6 Best Dog House for Hot Weather

Here in our guide, we have a list of products to keep dogs cool in summer. We’ll try to investigate how to keep your dog cool in a heatwave with different techniques and elements. Let’s quickly glance through each of the options.

#1.Best Overall: Advantex Pet 5Ft Gazebo Outdoor Dog House for Hot Climate

The first contender is this dog house from Advantex. One thing that made us go for this kennel is the fact that it can be used for both cold and hot weather.

91ZpYgQBKML. AC SL1500

If you need the simplest outdoor dog houses that offer your furry buddy a luxurious outdoor lifestyle, this unit would be the perfect choice for you. Moving it from one place to another is simple since it isn’t heavy at all.

The construction of the dog house is also worth pointing out. This dog house is made of sturdy steel construction that will perfectly withstand the outdoor environment. Even with its steel construction, the dog house will not heat up, regardless of the heat levels. We loved the powder-coated finish that enhances its durability.

The house itself is 5ft tall, which means that it can accommodate most dog sizes. Whether you want to use this dog house as an X-Pen or a kennel, it will allow you to do that without any problem.

I would recommend this dog to you if you want to go fishing, camping, vacation, or travel with your furry buddy.

By the way, the dog house also comes with a weather-resistant polyethylene reversible cover that will protect your pet in any weather condition. Well, it might be a breeze to set it up to some people, but a few have stated that setting it up was somewhat complicated. However, you would spend less than 10 minutes assembling the dog house if you have handled one before. All in all, we would consider this as the best dog house for two dogs.

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Best Dog House for summer

Key Features

  • Material: Built usingsteel material the house is sturdy enough to withstand minor environmental challenges
  • Lengthy: Coming in 5ft height, your dogs get extra space for proper ventilation
  • Comes in Different Size: Based on the number of dogs you can choose different sized dog houses


  • 5 feet mid-size gazebo
  • Gazebo with galvanized steel.
  • Can carry weights up to 80 pounds.
  • Weather-resistant hood.

Products Key Features

  • It is made of durable steel construction
  • The powder-coated finish enhances its durability
  • There is a weather-resistant polyethylene reversible cover that you can flip down when it gets cold
  • Easy to carry it along
  • Can be used as a kennel or an X-Pen
  • Beginners might have an issue setting it up

Final Verdict

It could be extremely difficult to find a quality dog house such as this. The durable steel construction and the water-resistant shed are excellent for multipurpose uses. It is also available in a different sizes, thus can contain the different sizes of pets. Excellent choice for outdoor adventures.

#2. Best Budget: Tangkula Wooden Dog House for Hot Weather

This is a quality dog house that combines simplicity with elegance. It would be your best dog house for Summer if you want one with a beautiful design.

The summer-ready dog house is made of high-quality solid fir wood construction that is not only durable but good-looking too. Wood also offers natural insulation to reduce the heat.  It comes with an elegant reddish-brown color that will blend perfectly with the grass and garden. Click here to buy these Tangkula Wooden Pet Dog House available.

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81Z%2BYidIN0L. AC SL1200

Key Features

  • Raised Floor: Elevated from the ground, the quality kennel protects the dogs from the extreme surface heat during the summer.
  • Adjustable Feet Offered: To lay it perfectly on the ground, it comes with adjustable feet so you get to set it up evenly on an uneven surface.
  • Included Hardwares: The setup comes with added hardwares. As a result you won’t need to purchase additional hardwares.
tangkula wooden dog house for hot weather


  • Made of firewood, red asphalt and plastic feet.
  • Raised floor to enhance air circulation and proper
  • temperature maintenance.
  • Easily removable floor.
  • Adjustable feet help in levelling with uneven ground.
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in three different sizes.
  • Weather resistant structure.
  • Manual Assembly required.
  • It comes with an elegant reddish-brown color that blends well with the garden or grass
  • Adjustable feet for placing the dog house on uneven ground
  • The floor is removable for easy cleaning
  • Water-based paint coating on the outer surface prevents the dog house from pests
  • Raised floor enhances air circulation and prevents water and moisture from the ground
  • It might not be the best option if you want an all-weather dog house

Final Verdict

It’s a highly gorgeous and smart wooden dog house. It will not only enhance the beauty of your lawn but also meet up your pup’s hiding needs. Structurally, it’s sound and easy to maintain. Price wise it’s very affordable.

3. Best for Durability: Suncast Outdoor Dog House

At the third spot here another quality pick by Suncast Outdoor dog house. Usually, plastic tends to absorb heat when exposed to direct sunlight. However, the construction of this plastic dog house beats the odds.

816cVgd6udL. AC SL1500

Even with its plastic design, this one qualifies as one of the high-end dog houses you’d want to have. It is made of durable heavy-duty resin, along with a crowned floor. These features help to keep your dog safe from any weather element.

One of the things that makes this dog house worth the pick is the fact that it is very easy to assemble. It wouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to set this dog house up. And in no time, your furry buddy will be ready to enjoy his new shed.

The plastic is not only durable, but also resistant to fading, rot, and rust. Plus, it comes with a striking color option that will easily blend with the garden or grass.

Keep in mind that this house doesn’t come with a door. The entry is open to let your dog enter or exit freely. However, you can install it if you want for the sake of your dog’s security and insulation.

Finally, there are several vents in this dog house that allows air to circulate freely inside.  

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Suncast outdoor dog house for summer

Key Features

Vents: The dog house comes equipped with smartly designed ventilation holes that improves air flow

Added Door: Added door on the front side offers better security and optimum layer of insulation.

Easy Installation: As the item offers an easier installation method, you won’t have to call in specialists to do it for you.   

Travel Friendly: This item is built compact and light portable dog house. As a result you can also travel with it.


  • Removable roofs can be cleaned easily.
  • Efficient air circulation system.
  • Resin made, highly durable construction.
  • Weighs about 20 pounds.
  • Can bear a pet about 70 pounds weight.
  • It comes with an attractive design that blends well with the outdoor space
  • Plenty of vents enhance the airflow
  • Made of durable resin that is fade resistant
  • It is easy to clean
  • Very easy to set up
  • You will have to be careful with the corner connectors as they might not be sturdy enough

Final Verdict:

If you’ve been looking for a budget friendly option with the utmost quality then, this should be a good pick on the whole. It’s one of the best dog shelters which is easy to move, clean and install. Certainly, it can amuse your dog.

#4. Best for Extreme Weather: Giantex Plastic Dog House for Extreme Hot Weather

If you need the best medium sized dog house, this would be a good pick for you. Despite the plastic material, it’s durable enough to house the pups well.

This one is made of a super-tough and solid PP material that will surely enhance the durability aspect.

61NdGfZq91L. AC SL1200

Besides that, this dog house is both weather and corrosion-resistant. You don’t have to worry about the rain or water droplets causing corrosion or fading to it.

As it comes with an elevated floor preventing dust and moisture, you can be assured that your dog’s doing fine in the clean and moisture-free environment inside the special house.

What we loved about this dog house is that you can comfortably use it indoors or outdoors without any problem. It comes with a roof that prevents your dog from direct sunlight, rain, wind, or snow.

The entire dog house comes with a ventilated design that allows air to flow freely inside. This will keep it airy and fresh enough.

It is sizable enough for your dog to move around inside. However, it would only be an ideal pick for the medium or the small dogs.

Furthermore, this unit comes with base support that enhances its stability. You won’t have to worry about the dog house wobbling as the dog plays inside.

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giantex plastic dog house

Key Feature

  • Comes in Multiple Sizes: The dog house offers two sizes 28’’ H and 32” H, let’s you use it for pets of different sizes
  • Elevated Floor: Keeps the dogs protected from the direct contact with the surface for a cleaner and cooler environment.
  • Offers Quality Base Support: Coming with it’s own sort of foundation, it won’t easily fall aside because of the added base support.


  • Made of slanted roof, perfect as sunshade and rain water diverter.
  • Well positioned air vents maintain great air flow.
  • Elevated floor keeps rain water, dirt and dust away from the floor.
  • Five column base support.
  • Easy to install.
  • Extremely durable solid PP material construction
  • Features base support for increased stability
  • Detachable roof for easy cleaning
  • Elevated floor prevents water and dirt from entering the dog house
  • Features several vents for better air circulation
  • White inner walls prevent heat absorption
  • May not be the ideal option for the large dogs

Final Verdict:

It is a great choice for small pets, but we won’t recommend it if you have a German shepherd. Excellent for small dogs and even for a cat hide. Air circulation of this house is one of the best in the market, it will keep your dog in a healthy environment.

#5. Best for Potability: Petmate Precision Outback Dog House

This one’s specially designed for people who own larger dogs. Besides being the best dog house for hot and cold weather. if you have a large dog, this dog house has also been made to last for long.

71k33ln2GML. AC SL1500

It is a cabin dog house that is sealed with some high-quality protective coating. The slanted asphalt roof enhances the protection of your dog from elements. As a result, even in wet weather conditions, your pup would remain dry and safe from the wet surface.

Even with its heavy-duty construction, setting up this dog house is easy breezy. You can set the entire thing up only in three steps. There is an offset door that allows your pet to enjoy a peaceful time from rain and wind.

In other words, you can use this dog house in both cold and hot weather conditions. By the way, the dog house comes with stainless-steel hardware that will last for a long time while remaining strong. Yes, it comes with feet too that are adjustable if you will be setting it up on the uneven ground.

If this sort of kennel is something you like, you can also have one for smaller pets as well. The fact that you can adjust the feet means you can use it in any yard and on multiple surfaces.

I love it because of its roof and floor. Mostly, I’m impressed with its roof actually. I bought it for protecting my dog from heat, but interestingly it can be a excellent dog house for rainy season as well. It can repel 98% of water , and drain it properly. Importantly, the roof is durable, overall construction is top notch and best dog house for all weather.

Overall, a quality dog house you can go ahead with any day!

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petmate precision outback dog house for hot temperature

Key Features

For Different Size Patterns: Based on the height and weight of your dog you can choose from a large array of different sizes.

Rain Repelling Technology: Specially designed roofs can easily battel heavy rain.

Quality Material: Known as the best material for dog house, Petmate uses wood as their chief material for each item which offers extra cooling and ventilation.  


  • Slanted roof, excellent for repelling water and snow.
  • Wood and stainless-steel combination provides ultimate durability.
  • Comes with Adjustable feet.
  • Comfy cabin design.
  • Compatible for different sized pets.
  • A high-quality cabin dog house that is very strong and durable
  • It comes with reinforced stainless steel hardware that keeps it tough and sturdy construction.
  • It features a high-quality protective coating that prevents fading and pests
  • Easy to set up
  • Features a door that lets you use it even in cold weather
  • Adjustable feet to set it up in any yard or on an uneven surface
  • The quality of the dog house is high, and so is its price

Final Verdict

We’d highly recommend this pet shelter. It possesses the features a quality dog shelter needs to have. You can use this house in any kind of weather, anywhere. Despite the expense, it still offers outstanding quality that surpasses the price tag.

#6. Best value: Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

Last but not least is this dog house that comes with a simple design and would easily fit in any backyard. This would be a good choice if you’re looking for a reliable dog house for the hot weather. The design is simple but fully functional.

61AC67oZVlL. AC SL1500

With this, you get a natural cedar unit that will serve your furry buddy for long enough. It also features a water-based paint coating that prevents it from fading and safe from pests. You don’t have to worry about termites eating up this dog house when you set it up outside.

The asphalt roofing offers a reliable shedding for your dog when the sun is too hot. Even in those hot afternoons, this dog house will still be a comfortable resting or sleeping space for your dog. There is a cutout entrance with flaps that is easy for the dog to get inside and out of the kennel.

The best part is that setting up this dog house is quite easy and effortless. It comes with pre-drilled holes that make it easy to assemble. You won’t need any power tools to set up this dog house.

Varied Size Presets: Housing medium or larger sized dogs isn’t a problem as it comes with different sizes for each type.

Added Groves: Added groves offer slight elevation from the surface and improves the drainage too

Door Flap: Added door flap for easy entrance while ensuring better insulation.  

Color variation: Comes in four different color patterns from red, grey and light grey to yellow/white.  

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petsfit outdoor dog house for hot summer


  • Detachable roof and bottom part for easy cleaning.
  • Wooden construction.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Spacious and comfortable for pets.
  • Highly durable.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Easy installation process
  • Available in different sizes.
  • High-quality natural cedar construction
  • It comes with water-based paint coating to prevent it from pests and fading
  • Pre-drilled holes make it easy to assemble
  • It is waterproof, hence safe even if you leave it out in the rain
  • Cutout entrance with door flaps for better air circulation
  • You might want to add some wood insulation during the cold days

Final Verdict

Your pets are going to love this sweet home because of its cosiness and openness. It’s a stunning dog home, which can provide assurance of healthier living. Taking into account the features it’s coming with; the price seems quite affordable. Finally, and most importantly, you can use it for several years, without any major changes. 

Things to Consider Before Selecting the Best Dog House for Extreme Hot Weather

Even with the 6 dog houses that we have reviewed in this article, you still need to have enough information for you to choose the right unit for your furry buddy. Even if you like how the dog house looks, it is important that you consider how efficient it will be at keeping your dog cool during the hot days.

Here are some of the features you should be looking out for.

1. Proper Ventilation of a Dog House

The main reason for getting the Outdoor dog house is to keep your furry buddy cool during the hot weather. For that, you must ensure that it comes with enough ventilation that allows air to flow around. It is not just about getting a dog house that offers shade to your dog. 

The dog house should be fresh and airy enough inside to offer your loyal pet comfort. Check that the dog house is well-ventilated on the top and sides accordingly. This way, you can be sure of your dog having enough oxygen in his house.

Alternatively, you can opt for a dog house with AC, which will cool the house whenever you want. This is the best option if you want a dog house for both cold and hot weather.

2. Specific Dog House Construction for Hot Weather

Nobody wants to buy a dog house that will not serve their furry buddy for long enough. In that case, you should ensure that the dog house you are about to buy is built to last for long as it offers shelter for your pet. 

Out of all the types of dog houses out there, the steel-made dog houses tend to be the strongest and can last for long enough. Wood and plastic dog houses aren’t bad either. However, they can be susceptible to rain and sunrays. 
If you will be going for wood or plastic dog houses, ensure that they come with some paint coating to enhance their harsh weather resistance.

3. Dog House Portability

Even with the sturdy construction, it is important to consider if the dog house is portable enough. But, this will depend on how you intend to use it. If you want to go on a vacation, fishing, or travel with your dog and you do it too often, then you should go for a highly portable dog house.

4. Elevation for Tackling Warm Wind

What does the elevation of the dog house get to do with its efficiency? Well, it’s all about choosing a dog house that is slightly raised off the ground to prevent water and dust from getting in. ideally, go for a dog house that comes with an elevated floor that keeps it free of dust and water from the ground. 

5. Insulation for Maintaining Coolest Temperature

If you will be placing the dog house outside, it means that it will be exposed to all weather conditions. Inasmuch as the dog house needs to be well ventilated, it should also be insulated properly, especially if you will be leaving it outside permanently.

Suppose the dog house is not insulated, you might have to pay extra to keep it insulated. Still, you can opt for one that is heated. When looking for the best outdoor heated dog house, make sure that it has all the necessary features to make it reliable enough.

The best way to heat a dog house would be to include hay beddings or go for the temp-controlled heating pads if it isn’t a heated kennel.

6. Windows/Doors/Porches to Render Wind Circulation

For dog houses that are meant to keep your furry buddy cold during the hot days, it is important to choose one that has other features like doors, windows, or porches.

For instance, a dog house with a covered porch can be a good pick to use in any weather condition. Also, one with windows and doors can be a good choice in any weather. Here, you can open the doors and windows in the hot afternoons and keep them shut when it gets cold. 

Either way, choose one that would be reliable enough for your dog. Make sure you find the best gates for the house if you will be installing one. 

Don’t forget to choose a dog house that is easy to assemble, especially if you are a beginner. If it is somewhat complex to set up, then ensure that it has a setup manual that is easy to understand.

Tips for Cooling Down a Dog House

During the hot southern summer temperature can go above a staggering 100 Fahrenheit. And during such an insane temperature, you must think about the dog which is being burnt alive in such scorching heat. That’s why here we’d provide you with some smart techniques that can cool the dog house down during extreme heat.

Material of the House (Wood is the Winner)

If you don’t know how to keep an outside dog cool in the summer, then wood is perhaps the answer. Well, the first thing that you should be focusing on, is the material which is used in the construction. And in terms of making your pup a beautiful, comfortable home there aren’t many alternatives to wood. Wood is the most sophisticated item and should be a quality material for building a dog house.

Now, for heat, wood should be the ideal option. It has outstanding capability to withstand temperature and humidity. Wood has natural insulating properties. You can go for cedar wood or fir wood. Pine wood can also be utilized for the job.


Now, placement is one of the most important things to keep dogs cool. Placing the dog house is highly critical during summer times. First, the thing that you should always prioritize is placing the doghouse under the shade. If your garden has trees and a solid shade under them, getting the dog run installed there is possibly the best option to trick the sun.

Furthermore, during excessive heat, you can turn to the garage as well. If you have a garage then it can provide constant protectiontion from heat. Place the dog house inside the garage and make the dog accustomed to it.


Insulating the inside of the dog house is an intelligent trick to deflect the heat away. Usually, you can insulate the inner area with foam panels. The fun fact is, an insulated dog house isn’t only effective for sum

mertime particularly but it will also work for winter colds as well. So if you want to know how to keep a dog cool inside the house, learn to insulate.

Water, Ice, and Air Conditioner

Adding a water bowl with the dog house can be a smart move to save the dog from dehydration and extreme thirst as the dog would have access to plenty of water all the time. On top of that you can also perform a smart water technique to instantly lower down the temperature. Furthermore if you don’t yet know how to keep a pregnant dog cool then spraying the shed with iced water can instantly lower down the temperature.

Another fun fact is you can get specially designed air conditioner units made for dog houses. You’d find smaller sized air conditioners in the market that can fit the dog house perfectly. Just install one and you can sit relaxed knowing that your dog isn’t dying of heat!

Elevate the Dog House or Fan

During the extreme hot summer time, the surface temperature can become unbearable. In that case you can elevate the dog house a couple of feet from the surface to safeguard your pup from the burning surface.

If installing an air conditioning becomes a hassle you can go for small electric fans to cool the pets. Right now, you can find small sized electric fans that run on solar panels which are specially made for the dog house. They can keep the house cooler without costing loads on electricity bills each month.

Cooling bed

Finally, you can resort to the cooling bed option. What is a cooling bed anyway? Well, a cooling bed is a specially designed mat or bed-like element for the dog which can be used to protect the dog from excessive heat. How does it function then?

Usually, a cooling need is filled with water or special gel compounds. As a result of the water or gel the heat cannot directly travel to the surface of the bed. On top of it gel or water is naturally a cooling agent. So, it becomes difficult for the heat to travel through the compound to reach the upper surface.

Aside from an air-conditioning or electric fan system, this one is much more easy to implement and requires no such serious maintenance either.

Why Do Dogs Need Shelter During Summer?

Well, now you may ask why do the dogs require a shelter in the first place. Here are some of the reasons why you should get your pup a new dog house specially in the summertime.

They Feel Heat Too

The simplest reason why they need a house during the summer is they do feel heat just like the humans. Many consider dogs to be immune to heat. But the opposite is true. Just like humans’ dogs do suffer from the negative impacts of heat. The dog house works as the first layer of protection to battle against the direct sun rays. As a result, they provide the dogs a cooler place to rest in than the heated up outer surface.

Protect them from Dehydration

Dehydration in the dogs is one of the issues you should be careful of. Different issues may arise as a result of increased lack of water input. And when the dog is outside the house, it loses much more fluid due to excessive sweating. Furthermore, dog shelters with water bowls can also help reduce the possibility of a dehydration attack.

Reduce Potential Heatstroke

Heatstroke is another key issue you should keep in mind during the summer days. Panting, difficulty breathing are some of the signs of heatstroke in dogs. If your pet is exposed to the cruel heat outdoors during the scorching summer time, the possibility of a heat stroke increases to a certain extent. That’s why to prevent your dog from a health catastrophe you should have a heavily ventilated, and cool dog house.

Well, these are some of the main reasons as to why you must have a dog shelter installed before the arrival of summer. It will decrease the possibility of a potential disaster.

To Sum Up

Well, in the highly detailed guide, we tried to present you with some quality dog house options you can go for. We have brought into light the details of each item, explained their strengths, and demonstrated their negatives too, so you get a complete picture of each item. On top of that, we also tried to enlighten you with critical information on why you need a dog shelter and ways to safeguard your pups during a deadly summer.

Dog houses are undoubtedly one of the most useful items for dog owners. They’re used highly not only to offer quality protection both in summer and winter months. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pup the best dog house for hot weather and give him the life he deserves!

Frequently Ask Question

Q1#. What should I put in my dog house in the summer?

Ans: Besides getting a nice dog house for hot weather, you can add a cooling bed to make it cool and comfortable enough for your dog.

Q2#. What is the best bedding for outside dogs?

Ans: The best dog house bedding for summer should be a mat that is filled with water. It is also known as a cooling bed that offers a comfortable place for the dog to lie. The floor can get hot, so a cooling bed would be the best option to keep it cool enough for the dog.

Q3#. How can I keep my dog cool in hot weather?

There are multiple tips to apply if you want to keep your furry buddy cool in the hot weather. Here is a look at some;

  • Give him some frozen treats
  • Add some ice cubes to his water dish
  • Place a wet towel for him to lie on
  • Add more canned food to his diet
  • Carry a portable water dish on your walks with the dog
  • Avoid playing or exercising with the dog in the afternoon
  • Offer some wading pool with cool water

Q4#. How do you build a doghouse in hot weather?

Ans: You will need some supplies and tools to help you build the right doghouse. However, if you want to build it in the hot weather, then you will need to consider some factors. 

First off, it must have proper insulation, and the floor should be made of wood for it to stay cool all along. For the material, you should opt for wood, which is naturally cool even in high temperatures. Plastic is simple and easy to maintain, but it can absorb heat quickly too.

If you will be painting the dog house, some a non-toxic and fragrance-free paint that would be friendly to the dog while keeping the dog house safe from the extreme temperatures and pests.

Q5#. How hot is too hot for dogs inside the house?

Ans: Generally, most dogs will start to experience discomfort when the temperature goes beyond 80 degrees Fahrenheit/26 degrees Celsius. If the dog is exposed to the temperatures over 85 degrees Fahrenheit/29 degrees Celsius or more for a long time, they can be dehydrated.

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