How to Keep a Dog Cool Inside The House | 5 Tips That Really Work

Do you always have a sweater or a coat on your pooch during the winter season? Since it is springtime, we have to recall that our pets can get overheated too as human beings as well. Outdoors as well as our homes and vehicles are warming up too. Especially a car can heat up quickly particularly when that the sun is out shining brilliantly.

That is why you need to know how to keep a dog cool inside the house? Canine overheating can be a genuine danger to our pet’s well-being. As a pet owner, you have to be aware of this and you also need to know the measures to take in case your dog overheats.

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What to do if your dog starts overheating

Panting hard is a sure sign that your canine is getting overheated particularly if it has not been playing around before. Panting is a cooling mechanism that works by drawing out air and through its mouth.

In case your pooch temperatures hit 104 degrees Fahrenheit, then chances are that it is in a heatstroke and chances of its body cells beginning to die are high. Heatstroke symptoms include: dry mouth, fast shallow panting, unable to keep balance and shaky legs. Your dog can look healthy and normal but after a few minutes, it can collapse into trouble. Do the following if your puppy starts overheating.

In case you notice that your dog has all over sudden become too hot, cool it immediately. Take him to a nearby shade and give him some little amount of water to drink. Don’t give him too much water because he may vomit. You can alternatively wrap him with wet towels or wash him in cold water. It is also advised that you contact your vet to give further directions if the situation had worsened.

If you had left your dog in car windows closed, open them immediately. It doesn’t matter whether you had the intention of leaving it inside for some minutes. During summer vehicles heat up in a matter of minutes and don’t forget that your dog has a full coat of fur. This is the most common culprit of heatstroke in dogs.


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How to keep a dog cool and prevent heatstroke

When your canine is not able to release heat from his body and heats up extraordinary, this is referred to as heatstroke. This can greatly be dangerous to your pooch because its body cells may start dying. This overheating can even result to untimely demise. This is how to keep a dog cool inside the house.

  • The first thing to do is to look for signs, they are the ones to tell you whether your canine is overheating or not.
  • Always provide your dog with water. You can do this by placing two or three bowls of water in your compound. 
  • Keep your dog in well ventilated and cool places. During a sunny day put him in an ice tub occasionally. But remember not to overdo it. 
  • When traveling with your dog make sure your car, windows are not closed. After parking doesn’t even for a few minutes close. This is because during summer cars heat up quickly.

Tips to help your dog keep cool

The following tips will help you know how to keep your dog cool in the summer.

  1. Not even for a few minutes should you ever leave your pooch in a parked car with windows closed. This is the most common cause of heat strokes in dogs. Remember that if the outside temperature is 60 degrees, the inside vehicle temperature can be up to 140 degrees.
  2. During hot days dogs need plenty of fresh water. Place fresh water in bowls and make them available to them. This is actually how to keep your dog cool at night.
  3. Don’t walk them on hot pavements because their paws are sensitive to heat and they burn easily.
  4. Provide cool spots or shades. Most outdoor pets require shades during hot days. Make sure your canine has a cool spot in your compound where it can rest during summertime.
  5. Prevent them from sunburns. If you have ever had a sunburn you know exactly how it feels. As human beings dogs can also get burned especially if they have short hair with pink skin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1#. How can I keep my dog cool indoors?

Ans: Get your dog coat trimmed, keep it in well-ventilated places, soak then in a tub, always provide them with fresh water and finally don’t isolate them in hot environments.

Q2#.How can I keep my dog cool without AC?

Ans: If you don’t have an air conditioner you can invest in a cooling body mat. Cooling body towels and mats are ideal when it comes to cooling your dog in case you don’t have an AC. You only need to soak them in cold water and then wrap them on your canine.

Q3#.Can a dog stay in a house without AC?

Ans: Generally, with enough water, good ventilation and cool shades, most canines will be good to go even with high temperatures of up to 90˚F. 

Q4#.How hot is too hot for a dog in the house?

Ans: Even though there is no definite temperature limit, 104 degrees Fahrenheit is dangerous to your canine. At this temperature, your dog body cells may start dying and may lead to sudden death. 

Final Word

Prevention is the best medicine. The most ideal method to keep your dog from overheating is first not to let him to in that situation. Always provide your canine with cool shades, freshwater and keep them in well-ventilated places to avoid heatstroke. Don’t forget to have prior knowledge about heatstroke signs.

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