5 Best Flooring for Outdoor Dog Kennel [TESTED]

You never tried less to take good care of your pup, did you? You have provided him healthy food in his food bowl, lovely attire that matches his personality, a suitable and comfortable collar, and whatnot! So, what about the best flooring for outdoor dog kennel? I know, you feel the demand as well.

To ensure their safety and comfort, especially when left alone in outdoor a comfortable kennel flooring can reduce the worries.  

Best Cheap Dog Kennel Flooring

I have a bitter experience. It happened to me one afternoon when I saw my dog (Chuck) sitting with a pale face. Usually, Chuck is very cheerful and friendly. But at that time, he seemed unhappy and depressed. So I thought about it, observed him for a couple of days, and understood that he was not comfortable in his kennel. He was too much restless, when left alone in the kennel.

So, What did I do?

I did some research, and as my budget was not a lot, I bought a cheap but suitable outdoor kennel floor for Chuck. He was so comfy in it. After someday, I noticed he was more healthy and cheerful than before.

So, the importance of quality dog kennel flooring to ensure safety and a good dog mood is unavoidable. I will discuss my journey with the few best budget dog kennel floor mattress in this blog.

Why You Need the Best Outdoor Dog Kernel Flooring?

Firstly, you need to know what outdoor dog kennel flooring is? A dog kennel flooring is a protective barrier between the ground and your dog’s body. It makes it easier for your dog to move around, play or even sleep. The kennel floor is also super easy to clean all the mess and make a healthier and safer place for your dog. Even, it protects the mites to catch up the dog’s hair.

Now you may get stressed to understand which one you should choose for your puppy at a reasonable price. Don’t get puzzled. With my thorough research, I can give you some insight into finding the right outside kennel floor for your dog. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to understand which one you should buy for your little buddy.

What is the Best Outdoor Flooring for a Dog Kennel– At a Glance

Don’t buy a dog kennel floor without knowing its features. You should know what type of kennel floor is suitable for which purpose and what features they offer. If you don’t have enough time, have a look at my top pick list for cheap dog’s kennel floor. I think you’ll be able to find the right one for your pet.

Best Overall: MattsGlobal Outdoor Dog Kennel Flooring

“Non-slippery and comfortable dog kennel floor at a cheap rate; made of high-density polypropylene plastic and super easy to clean.”

Best Durability: Durable, Interlocking Cheap Kennel Floor for Dogs

“Highest durability with grid pattern which helps your dog to keep healthy and dry.”

Best Drainage System: Kennel Deck High-Density Plastic Outdoor Flooring for Dog Kennel

“The dog kennel floor is elevated, easy to sanitize, and comfy, with an excellent air circulation and drainage system.”

Best Protection: Kennel Deck, Best Indoor & Outdoor Dog Kennel Flooring

“Long-lasting bears up to 1000 IBS; available in standard grey color with a super aesthetic look.”

Best Portable: Epic Fitness EVA Foam, Portable Kennel Flooring for Large Dogs

“Soft, super comfy, non-slippery dog kennel floor with a polish look; and a size of 24*24*.5 inches.”

Top 5 Best Outdoor Dog Kennel Flooring (Critical Analysis and Review)

I’ve picked five cheap dog kennel floors from my experience. With the in-depth analysis, you’ll get to choose the compatible one for your pet.

#1. Best Overall: MattsGlobal Outdoor Dog Kennel Flooring

When I desperately searched for a kennel floor for Chuck, I came to know about MattsGlobal Shop, and going through their product’s feature description; I decided to buy it. And after using it for Chuck, I was not disappointed. Chuck liked it too. So if you are looking for a cheap but best flooring for dog kennel, this is the right one for you.

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  • Parameter: The floor is 2 feet long and 4 feet wide. That’s enough for your little pup to walk and play. You can even cut it to make the size customized for your dog and can add the spare part when needed. Clips with the flooring system will help you to extend the floor as you need. This best flooring for outdoor dog kennel is also 2 inches high from the ground, making it an excellent outdoor dog kennel.
  • Material: High-density polypropylene plastic resin has been used to build this best plastic flooring for dog kennel, which helps your dog stay safe. It keeps him secure from harmful bacteria that can be dangerous for your dog. Chuck was healthier than ever.
  • Design: The manufacturer has structured the kennel floor in such a unique way to have the best drainage system. Your dog will stay healthy because of its quality ventilation system. The highest capacity of the kennel floor is up to 600 pounds.
  • Multiple Usage: You can use the floor in the kennel and the runs or cages. So you’ll get the flexibility to use the floor according to your need.
  • Dirt-resistant: The kennel floor is urine and feces-resistant and very easy to clean. It’s so convenient; you can even use it for any of your pet animals.


The floor is non-slippery with 15 gripping rubber feet, which will make it easy for your dog to stand, walk or lay down. It helps your dog to keep off the unhealthy surface that may cause disease or bone problems.


You may face difficulties setting the kennel floor directly on the ground. I used sand to place the kennel floor. Broken rocks under the floor will also solve the problem.

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#2. Best Durability: Durable, Interlocking Cheap Kennel Floor for Dogs

Suppose you are searching a kennel floor for your dog with the highest durability. In that case, this durable interlocking floor is the right one for you.

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  • Size: A 2 feet long and 4 feet wide kennel floor gives your dog sufficient space to move. You can also make it personalized for your dog, cutting it from the side and vice-versa.
  • Structure: The interlocking dog kennel floor comes with a grid pattern of size 3/4″ in both length and width. The plane surface will hold on to bacteria and other germs or won’t soak up the liquid dirt of your pet, which will create an unhealthy environment for your dog. In contrast, the grid pattern floor will secure your dog’s hygiene. Because of the grid pattern panel, you don’t have to worry at all.
  • Easy to Clean: You can easily wash the kennel floor off using disinfectants. It won’t create any complications on your kennel floor.
  • Durability: You are thinking about durability? Yes, this kennel floor has the best longevity period. One of my neighbors has been using this kennel floor for the last two and half years for his dog, and the panel still works great.
  • Easy to Install: You don’t have to take a lot of trouble to install the floor in your dog kennel. The floor is effortless to set up.


Interlocking the kennel floor with the grid pattern helps to keep your pet clean and dry. You’ll see how the plastic padding will make your pooch super comfortable to walk or play.


As the floor base is a grid pattern, I think it won’t be the best option if the immensity of your pup is very small. But if your one is medium or large-sized, you can surely go for it.

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#3. Best Drainage System: Kennel Deck High-Density Plastic Outdoor Flooring for Dog Kennel

Are you thinking of a dog kennel floor with the best drainage system? Well, your wait is over. Kennel Deck flooring, High-Density Plastic is the one you are looking for.

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  • Dimension: The floor comes with a length of 2 feet and a breadth of 4 feet; it gives your pup adequate space to play as much as he wants. You can also expand or shrink the floor smoothly with the help of a handsaw if you wish.
  • Material: The manufacturer used high-density plastic to build the kennel deck floor. As the kennel floor, I used for my dog was of the same material, I can say your dog will enjoy the floor’s texture and will have a nourishing environment. Chuck loved it.
  • Design: The non-slippery surface of the floor will provide comfort to your puppy. Your dog will be able to play on the kennel floor without getting hurt.
  • Drainage System: The best feature of the floor is its drainage system. As there are deep thin lines in the kennel floor, it helps to keep your dog’s kennel dry, germ and odor-free.
  • Excellent Ventilation Process: This kennel floor ensures the proper air circulation in the kennel and won’t fade in the sunlight. This feature will help to keep your pet dry and nourished.


The kennel deck floor is 2 inches elevated from the ground, which helps to keep your puppy sanitized and comfy. The non-slippery surface is the enemy for the growth of insects or mold. So you are indeed secure about your pup’s safety and cleanliness. And yes, the floor is chew-proof. So no worry at all.


I think this kennel is not the best option for using indoor. But if your dog’s kennel is outside of your house, you surely can go for it.

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#4. Best Protection: Kennel Deck, Best Indoor & Outdoor Dog Kennel Flooring

Kennel Deck floor is the best one for your puppy if you want to ensure his safety and hygiene. It could be the best choice if you are looking for an indoor dog kennel.

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  • Size: The kennel deck floor comes in regular size, i.e., 24*24*2 inches. Like other kennel floors, you can also size it up as per your wish.
  • Design: The kennel deck floor is available in standard grey color. It gives an aesthetic look to your dog’s kennel, and you can ensure a calm surrounding for your dog.
  • Easy to Wash: The kennel dock floor is very long-lasting and tremendously simple to clean. You can wash the dirt using a hose. I always look for a kennel that is easy to clean


Because of the non-slippery texture, your pet will not slip on the floor even when they are wet. It can bear weight up to 1000 IBS which I think is excellent. Your puppy’s paws will be protected from the ground.


It seems to me that it would be pretty disturbing to clean underneath the kennel deck. If you can do it once in a while with a bit of patience for your puppy, you are good to make a purchase.

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#5. Best Portable: Epic Fitness EVA Foam, Portable Kennel Flooring for Large Dogs

Going on a family picnic with your pet and no idea how you can make him comfortable? Well, take an Epic Fitness EVA Foam Interlocking floor for your dog and enjoy it to the fullest. Even you both can sit together on this floor and spend some quality time. It’s great to hold a large dog.

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  • Material: Eva Fitness Interlocking kennel floor is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam or shortly known as EVA foam. They are soft and super comfy, just the way you want for your little friend.
  • Parameter: 24*24*.5 inches is the size of this kennel floor with 6 tiles and 12 end borders. I think it’s perfect for your dog to relax anyhow the dog wants. 
  • Easy Set-up: You won’t face any hassle to install the kennel floor. It’s super easy to set anywhere you want.
  • Design: The floor gives a polished look and non-skid. Your pup will love it!
  • Easy to Clean: The floor is water-resistant and very easy to clean. You won’t even need a lot of time to wash it off.


The floor is thick and super easy to put together in your puppy’s kennel. Perfectly padded so your pet will get comfort while playing or sleeping. From my recommendation, it is the best flooring for outdoor dog kennel, most importantly for any sized dogs.


You can only hand wash the kennel floor. The drainage system is a little adverse here, in my opinion. If you want a one-time use or temporary kennel floor for your dog, this is the right one for you.

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Buying Guide: How Do You Choose the Best Flooring for Outdoor Dog Kennel?

How will I understand this is the right one for my dog? Yes, that’s a burning question of every pet parent when purchasing the pet’s accessory. Don’t worry. I’m here to guide you.

1. How to Select the Best Outdoor Flooring for Large Dogs?

The standard size of a kennel floor is 24*24 inches. Thickness may vary in different kinds of floor. But a height of 2 inches serves the best purpose for your pet, like sufficient air circulation, keeping the kennel dry, etc. Now, if your puppy is tiny in size, you can have one less than the standard size. But if your dog is of regular or large size, it won’t be a wise decision to compromise with the floor’s dimension.

2. What is the Best Flooring Material to Use in a Outdoor Dog Kennel?

High density plastic, polyethylene, vinyl, rubber are some of the kennel floor’s available materials in the market. Pick the suitable one for your dog’s kennel floor, understanding dogs’ nature to get comfortable.

3.What is the Best Flooring to Use in a Dog Kennel?

Some kennel floors come with the best ventilation and drainage system; some are really easy to clean, install and carry. You just have to pick the one which you think is much needed for your puppy.

4. How to Know the Durability of a Indoor Dog Kennel?

All the kennel floors available in the market are durable enough compared to the price. It’s been one year since I’m using the MattsGlobal Cheap Outside Dog Kennel Flooring for Chuck, and it’s still completely perfect. I think the interlocking kennel floor has the highest longevity.

5. What is the Most Important Feature of an Outside dog Kernel Flooring?

You never want to compromise with your pet’s comfort. Well, nobody does. All the variations of kennel floor available in the market try to provide comfort to your dog. But your dog won’t be comfortable on every kennel floor. As the pet parent, you know the best about your pet’s nature and the environment or material he is pleased with and make a purchase accordingly.

6. Easy to Clean Dog Kernnel Flooring – The Ultimate Necessity:

Cleaning the kennel floor is so essential for the sake of your dog’s health. So choose the one you think you can clean and won’t be a hassle for you. A dirty kennel floor is the best place to grow germs which eventually will cause different diseases to your puppy. Nobody wants that.

  • Pet-Friendly Style: You should select a kennel floor that goes with your house and matches your puppy’s personality. Because after all, it’ll be a permanent tool in your house and your puppy’s shelter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

#Q1. Can I set the dog kennel floor directly on the ground?

Well, it depends. Some kennel floors are okay to directly set on the ground, whereas you may have to use sand or broken rocks in some cases. While installing, you can put it in your convenient way. There is no hard and fast rule.

#Q2. Can I use these dog kennel floors for any of my other pet animals?

Yes, you can! In fact, it is wise to use kennel flooring for every pet. It helps to keep pets clean, healthier, and safe.

#Q3.Is it a must-have accessory for my puppy?

In my opinion, it’s a must-have accessory for the betterment of your puppy’s overall growth.

#Q4. What are the specific problems the dog may face if I don’t use the kennel floor for outside?

You’ve already come to know the discomfort your dog faces without using a kennel floor. Moreover, walking on a hard surface can cause disease in your dog’s bones and joints. Suppose feces and urine are stored in your dog’s kennel. In that case, the dog might get infected by bacteria whereas, using a sturdy kennel floor with a high-quality drainage system may secure your dog’s health and comfort.

#Q5. Should I clean it every day?

With the best drainage system, you don’t have to clean the dog kennel floor every day. But you should clean it after every 5 or 6 weeks.


I appreciate you for coming this far with me. If my share of knowledge helps you pick the perfect but best flooring for outdoor dog kennel, that would be my pleasure. And I’ve covered all the details that you need to know through your own research.

So if you have gone through the whole content, congratulations! You’re ready to buy the most suitable kennel floor for your little furry friend.

Don’t forget to share the article with your other pet-loving friends. Help them to keep their dog healthy and cozy by picking the right kennel floor too.

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