What to do if an off leash dog approaches? – Stey By Step Guide

Dogs are social creatures, and whenever they meet, they are happy and cannot wait to sniff. But it is important to know, What to do if an off leash dog approaches?

As soon as this has happened, the game begins before you start smiling again a few minutes later.  It is the best idea when it comes to dog encounters. Unfortunately, hardly anything in the world runs optimally – and dog encounters (probably still on a leash), especially not. Just keep calm, stare at the dog, and blow a whistle. That’s it!

What to do if an off leash dog approaches

No matter how much you shout, the dogs are on their way.  And these often lead directly to another dog who comes around the corner unsuspecting and on a lead.  We all know what happens next: barking, dogs dancing around you, which almost causes you to fall, and in the worst case, a brawl that ends for a dog or yourself with a visit to the doctor.

Think Wisely What to do if an off leash dog approaches

Firstly, you need to consider the potential risk factors. If a dog off the leash mostly it belongs to an owner. That means, it’s a social dog, it won’t going to harm you. But, if the case is otherwise, like if you see any hostile behaviors, the first thing you should do “KEEP CLAM”. Try to make an eye to eye contact, and seek help. If there is no help around, try to distract the dog with the whistle, or calming sounds. Surely, it will help.

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Dog encounters are not always a good idea

We know the above situation well.  We have seen them often enough ourselves and know how stupid it is to chase away the strange dog while securing your own.  Fun looks different. And then there is the saying from the human counterpart: “Let the two play, they will make it up on their own”.  People always ask people,” what to do if an off-leash dog approaches“. You could get out of your skin, and it was not uncommon for me to consider printing a flyer with all sorts of reasons why I don’t want to let strange dogs rush towards us.

Few reasons why dogs do not need to get to know each other:

  • Not every dog thinks that his peers are so great that he wants to romp with them immediately.  There are supposed to be specimens that others like to watch while playing with each other, but prefer to stick with watching.
  • Some dogs are in training.  Maybe attention is being trained, walking, or something else.  For training, it is important to keep the dog’s attention – if another dog suddenly rushes towards you, it is a difficult undertaking, and you can start again.
  • Some dogs do not like strange dogs.  Yes, some dogs do not value new acquaintances.  We have one. He is happy to see old friends but does not need new ones.
  • Dogs on a leash can be sick or injured.  Even sick and injured dogs have to go for a walk -and do not need to have a fellow man hanging on them.  In the case of infectious diseases, the other owner/mistress will then consider letting the dog run next time
  • The dog is scared.  And an anxious dog should be able to decide at any time whether he wants to contact or not.  Any dog that rushes towards it stirs up fear.
  • Yes, some dogs react aggressively to others.  It is not a big problem; they are on a leash.
  • It just does not fit. Whatever it may be (time pressure, trouble with someone, family emergency) – sometimes you do not have time to stop so that the dogs can sniff at him or her on request.

Change in body language by people

Collars and chain collars are very uncomfortable for dogs. When using collars or Haltis (head holders), you should consider that humans influence the posture of the dog on a leash. A dog that pulls on the collar automatically gets a different attitude. It looks bigger to the other dog because humans keep the leash up.


Dogs that feel threatened or maybe even threaten themselves should not make contact with other dogs in this mood. An argument is then almost inevitable. Do not be afraid to kindly tell the other dog owner that you do not want to allow contact. If your dog has problems with dog encounters, whether with or without a leash, you should get support from a good dog school that works with you on such dog encounters and can give you advice and tips on how you and your dog can do a dog encounter in everyday life Can deal with sweat on the forehead.

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The basic commands that your dog must know before walking without a leash

Before releasing your dog, you should have taught him some basic commands, including:

  • Sit down
  • Stand up
  • Stop
  • Go to your call

If your dog has not yet assimilated these orders well, do not let it go, as it could run away or run away and if it does not answer your call, it may be difficult for you to retrieve it.

Frequently answer the question

Don’t waste time being polite if you see an off-leash dog

There are many of your neighbors who are indifferent to their pets.  In this case, if someone’s dog does not have a chain around their neck, that dog can get close to your dog.  Therefore, it is better to remain calm without getting angry.

Seeing this, I sometimes wonder why the owners don’t keep their dogs on a leash.  Also, I don’t see any headache in this situation.

How do I get my dog to stop being off-leash?

It is normal to see dogs on the road.  If you are a victim of such a situation, please do the following:

  • Don’t run after seeing dogs
  • Do not allow eye contact with your dog.
  • Leash your dog.
  • Protect yourself and your dog from harm.

How do I get my dog to stop being off-leash?

It is normal to see dogs on the road.  If you are a victim of such a situation, please do the following: Work with a qualified dog behavior expert-

A good trainer can teach a dog good behavior.  He can learn how a dog will behave in a critical situation. If you think that your dog needs to train up for handling such a case, then you need to do some treatment or training. Such as:

Group class: If your pet or dog needs to learn some basic knowledge about sit down, stand up, come forward, etc. then group class is one of the best training methods.

private session: In this way, you can learn your dog to become obedient. You can train your dog what it will do in a bad situation in this way. It is beneficial for your dog to learn whatever you want.

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On the other hand, dogs are primarily animals that are guided by their instincts and are therefore only predictable to a certain extent for humans. It can, therefore, happen that a dog without a leash walks out on the walk, runs on the street, or jumps at other people. Maybe he also sees a fellow animal and wants to play with him, or a sudden fright can upset him.

Unfortunately, this can always happen if you let your dog run free, so you should keep your dog on a leash without any legal obligation if you are near the street or see people or dogs approaching. In lonelier areas, for example on forest paths, it can happen that your four-legged friend notices a prey that awakens its hunting instinct. I hope you got your answer,” What to do if an off-leash dog approaches. This can result in hunting accidents, larger animals such as wild boar can injure your dog or your dog can injure smaller wild animals such as rabbits. Once out of sight and hunting, it becomes more difficult to call him back. All of this can speak against walks without a leash.