5 Alternative to the Typical Medical Dog Collar | Review 2021

it is kind of inevitable that at some point in life, your dog will need to wear an e-collar (also known as the cone of shame), and it looks funny. But dogs need to wear it, especially when a dog is healing from injury. They need to put it on, which helps preventing them from scratching or chewing at a spot or incision which you are trying to get healed.

The collars are essential to keep the dog from causing any further damage to the surgical site or skin problems. Animals are very much likely to make injuries worse and sometimes remove stitches from a surgical site, leading to a significant complication.


But as we know that it is called the cone of shame. Dogs become disabled to do many things like playing and eating. Their life becomes miserable with the typical medical collars. We bring you the top 5 alternatives to the regular medical dog collar to save you from misery. Without any further a due, let’s discuss them.

What Are the Best Alternative to the Typical Medical Dog Collar

Here, I will summarize the top 5 alternatives to e-collars reviews in this article with their unique features as I go along. You can easily decide which one will be good for you and serve your purpose.

This collar has a cervical restraint that will keep the position of the collar fine no matter the mischief, best e-collar alternatives for active dogs. I have used it for my wounded dog, and got excellent results.” – Matt at Amazon

The collar is made of durable and sturdy materials, and it helped my dog from scratching and biting. Using for many years, the best dog collar alternative in the budget.” – Shawn at Amazon

It has a UFO design, and your dog will look cute in it while they are in the recovery phase. I always love my dog to look cute wherever he had a collar on or not! Zero tolerance on look.” ­­– Cynthia at Chewy.

With unique details, the collar also comes with a replacement warranty in case your dog creates a hole. Not happened in my case, though. I bought it because of its diverse utility and superior comfort features. And I think my dog had no objection to it. Amazing dog collar similar to e collar.” – Lavington at Amazon

It is lightweight and created with hypoallergenic materials that didn’t cause skin irritation to my dog’s delicate skin. It’s really a fascinating collar for dogs with allergies.” – Simmran at Amazon

Best Alternative to the Typical Medical Dog Collar Reviews

In this section, I will talk about my experiences with these alternatives to the usual medical dog collars. These  dog collaers are similar to typical dog collars but don’t carry the cons of medical collars. Let’s dig in the review part.

1. Best for Restraint & Sight: BiteNot Alternative to Medical Collar

This is one of the excellent alternatives to the typical medical dog collar. It has many features that an e-collar cannot serve. Interestingly, it helps to heal a dog who has wounds or recently gone under medical scissors. Let’s take a look into its salient features

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  • Peripheral Vision

This collar will provide your dog with an impeded peripheral vision that will allow your dog to play, sleep, drink, and eat while protecting the base of the tail, abdomen, chest, back, genitals and even flanks. Incredible, right?

  • Flexible Plastic

The collar is made out of flexible plastic incorporated with foam and will provide a sense of comfort. It will help the dog not to feel nauseous and irritated.

  • Easy to Clean

The collar can be washed by machine. It won’t damage the foam or the plastic as the plastic is flexible. Ultimately it will help you to keep it clean easily.

  • Cervical Restrained

BiteNot has built this collar with a cervical restraint incorporated with a harness strap. That means the collar will stay on no matter how much mischief your dog makes. They will always remain protected.

  • Full Protection

The collar stretches from behind the dog’s ear to the top of the shoulder. It won’t be very tight but still will help to give maximum protection to your dog.

  • What We Loved

It will give your dog the maximum protection they need. It will protect all the body parts. It will give your dog peripheral vision. They can play and hop with the collar on.

  • What Could be Better

They will not protect the eyes or the ears. Most of the dog collar can’t do so.

2. Best Overall: Bencmate Inflatable Similar to Medical Dog Collar

The Bencmate recovery collar is an inflatable collar that is soft and comfortable and will prevent your dog from biting or scratching the injured area.

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  • Scratch and Bite Resistant

This collar is designed in a way to protect your dogs from post-surgery wound, rashes, and minor to major injuries. It will prevent them from licking, scratching and biting the surgical site. Thus it will promote the healing of injuries.

  • Comfortable

The inflatable design is incorporated with soft outside material. It will slip on easily and comfortably. It won’t even block a dog’s vision.

  • Easy to Store

It is inflatable, and you can quickly deflate it and store it in a smaller space when you are not using it. There is also a zipper that opens on one side and allows taking the bag out.

  • Adjustable

It is built with a strap on the opening of the collar to adjust the strap for making a perfect fit easily. You can put the belt aside at the back of the neck in case of scratching.

  • Durable and Stable

It is a premium protective collar that can be washed by machine. It will not scrape or mark furniture, and you can insert it through inner ring loops for better stabilization.

  • What We Loved

It is space-saving and provides your dog an excellent vision. It can be easily washed by machine. It is also lightweight, and the valve is quite good.

  • What Could be Better

While inflated, if it comes to sharp surfaces, it can create a hole.

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3. Best for Design: Arrr Dog Collar Alternative to Medical Cone:

This collar is specially designed for dogs that have a fear of medical collars for the poor quality and discomfort as a whole. It won’t create anxiety in your dogs; rather, they will feel a sense of protection.

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  • Super Comfy

The sound of plastic e-collars and medical collars will scare dogs who are sensitive to noises. But this one will bring a sense of comfort to your dogs which are stressful after going through surgery, health issues, and treatment.

  • Water-Resistant

It is filled with high-quality microfiber and made out of water-resistant material, which makes it waterproof, dustproof, and mold-free. Water droplets can be easily removed from the surface.

  • Allows Sight

The soft cone will keep your dog from licking, biting, or scratching the wound to promote healing. It will not obstruct sight of your dog so that they can play, eat, and drink without care.

  • Design

The design of this collar is inspired by the UFO spacecraft. It comes in different cosmic shades, it is perfect for dogs, and I bet they will look super cute.

  • Adjustable and Safe

It comes with a strap on the collar’s opening so that you can adjust the collar according to your dog for a perfect fit. Did I mention that this is safe for both you and your dog? Yes, of course, you can use it too.

  • What We Loved

It will not scrape or mark your furniture. It can be used by humans as well. It won’t depress or cause inconvenience to your dogs.

  • What Could be Better

It is not too wide, but comfortable.

4. Best for Quick Recovery: GoodBoy E-Collar Alternatives

This is one of the alternatives to medical dog collars that customers have consistently rated the best. Why? This has many features, including super-fast aid in surgical recovery.

  • Four Different Sizes

It comes in four different sizes for different dog breeds to ensure the best fit for your dog. The size can also be adjusted with a strap, and it stabilizes itself by attaching directly to the collar.

  • Space Saving

You can quickly inflate it by blowing air and deflate by pinching the hook when you are not using it. You can easily fold it after deflation, and thus, it will be saving you space.

  • Warranty

The warranty will cover the chewing damage orbiting a hole done by your dog. The company will run the extra mile for offering you the replacement. The warranty will also cover the wrong size.

  • Pleasant for your Dog

The collar is inflatable and shaped like a doughnut, a lightweight and soft alternative to traditional e-collars. They will need a cosy fleece when they wear it.

  • Easy to Clean

You can easily remove the cover and throw it into the washing machine to let it clean. It serves low maintenance and is comparatively easy for you to clean.

  • What We Loved

It comes with a warranty. It has a secure and quick release buckle. It is constructed with softcover fleece and perfect for saving space. Using this collar will allow a surgical dog to recover fast.

  • What Could be Better

There is no loop to hook on a leash.

5. Best for Hypoallergenic: MIDOG Inflatable Alternative Collar for Wounded/Sensitive Dogs

If your dog has gone through surgery recently, then you might be looking for an e-collar. But this collar can give you advantages more than an e-collar can.

MIDOG Inflatable Alternative Collar for Wounded/Sensitive Dogs
  • Non-Stick Pet Hair

The collar is constructed with comfortable and breathable cotton fabric. So the pet hair won’t stick onto it. The inside of the collar is environmental PVC material.

  • No Skin Irritation

The fabric is not furry-ish, and rather, it is of cotton. So it won’t cause reactions or allergies like rashes and other skin irritation on your dogs.

  • Comfortable

The inflatable design is incorporated with soft outside material. It will slip on easily and comfortably. It won’t even block a dog’s vision.

  • Movable

It is worked with a tie on the kickoff of the collar to change the tie for making an ideal fit handily. You can set the lash to the side at the rear of the neck in the event of scratching.

  • Scratch and Bite Resistant

This choker is planned in a manner to shield your dog from post-medical procedure wounds, rashes, and minor to significant injuries. It will forestall them licking, scratching, and gnawing careful sight. Hence it will advance the recuperating of injuries.

  • What We Loved

It comes with a guarantee of replacement in case the size is too big. It can be easily cleaned and as well as adjusted. Your dog’s hair won’t stick to it.

  • What Could be Better

It won’t prevent biting the tail.

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How to Choose a Best Alternative to the Typical Medical Dog Collar: A Buying Guide

By now, we all know how important it is to buy a medical collar for your dogs while they are in their recovery phase. Now the question is how to choose the right one? Well, don’t worry! Here is our guide to buying the best one for your dog.

  • Comfort: A medical collar is used for healing. Not for creating further problems. So a collar should not chafe, choke, or pinch your dog. That is why you need to omit to buy collars made of metal or hard plastic. Try looking for flexible and hypoallergenic materials. Such as neoprene, nylon, and leather.
  • Durability: A dog collar should always be durable to wear every day while they eat, play, sleep, or drink. You should look for signs for strength and warranty.
  • Safety: This is the first thing you should keep in mind while buying anything for your dogs. Research has shown that dog items are made from cheap materials which contain high levels of potentially toxic substances. It is harmful to your dog. So always be sure to check the details of how manufacturers are sourcing the materials.
  • Quality: It is always quality over quantity. Always be sure to check what the company states and how they stand by quality.

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Frequently Asked Question

#Q1. Can my dogs sleep with an inflatable collar?

Answer: Yes, they can, and they will be comfortable with it as it will work like a piano.

#Q2. Will my dog get depressed while wearing a large medical collar?

Answer: It depends on the dog to dog. Some manage with it well, and some will detest wearing it and get depressed.

#Q3. How long can you use an e-collar?

Answer: Not more than 4 hours per day.

#Q4. Are inflatable collars better than typical medical e-collar?

Answer: They are definitely the best as they don’t obstruct your dog’s vision and are much more comfortable.

#Q5. How tight should the collar be?

Answer: Not too tight that it chokes your dog and not too loose that your dog opens it. It should fit snugly.


We have selected these top 5 alternatives to the typical medical dog collars for your dogs. These are some collars that customers always have been satisfied with.

I have tried our best to give you every specification of each of the collars along with the pros and cons.

Your dog needs some severe care after going through surgery or injury. And a collar that restricts your dog from biting, licking, and scratching the wound is crucial. Finding a good collar for dogs might be challenging, but we hope we have made the job easy to incorporate all these amazing ones in the list. Blog