How to Make a Camping Tent from Scratch | The Easy Way

Most of us, love camping but do we have known enough camping tricks to get applause form friends? No sure, right. If I provide you with the secrets of how to make a camping tent from scratch? How does it sound? Excited, huh?


Let’s check the article out and know more about tenting in a camp location and start thinking as a pro camper by going through the article.

How to make your own impromptu camping tent from scratch

With minimal resources, it is easily possible to make a great tent and get over the night. We will describe different methods for building tents from scratch, but you have to remember that you need to bring the backbone materials with you.

Now, you may ask, what are the backbone materials for making homemade tents. The answer is traps and ropes. It is also presumed that; you will find stick and poles in the camping location.

So, the tents we will describe are very light weighted and ideal for trekking and backpacking. Let’s know  Tents for Camping with Dogs

Choosing tent location smartly:

The first thing you have to find in a campground to establish a tent is flat land. Now, you have to examine the selected place thoroughly. If there are any trace of stone, sticks, rocks or any other material, that might interfere with good night sleep, remove immediately.

It is a smart decision to place a tent near a tree. This type of location will provide shade and necessary protections. But, be careful of a dead tree, heavy wind and storm can cause branches to break off and damage your tent.

If you choose damp ground, then it will protect you from dust blow and lessen your hustle of dust protection. But you need a tarpaulin as a groundsheet to protect your body from moist conditions.

You should not choose any ditch for tenting; it might give you an edge over dust storm and rain, partially but these areas can be easily flooded and leave you with horrible camping memories.

How To Make A Homemade Tent For Camping

Step By Step How To Make A Homemade Tent For Camping

There are several methods for making a perfect homemade tent for camping. These tents are more than excellent and perfect for a couple of nights. We will describe several ways to make the best tent, and these will help you to choose the right one for you.

Method One:

The first method, we are going to describe how to build a tent from scratch is perfect for you if you are in a situation where you have a limited amount of materials. This method is the most preferred method for building a tent. Usually, you see this sort of tents in movies, they are great for fun but won’t protect you from severe conditions.

What You Will Need:

  • Tarpaulin or waterproof trap (at least one)
  • Sticks or posts for using as stakes
  • Rope, string or cord (heavy-duty)

How you will do it:

Pick a spot between two trees approximately 10 feet apart. Check if there are any dead branches above your tent area.

Now, you can tie the ropes at a medium distance from the ground but, you must consider your tarpaulin size before determining the length.

Layover the Tarpaulin over the rope and it will create a triangular shape.

Now, Clip the left side of the Tarpaulin with sticks or posts. It depends on the edge length of the Tarpaulin or waterproof trap. You may use three bases to give a good structure—two posts on the two corner and one post in the middle. Repeat the same procedure of the right side as well.

You may consider placing some rocks or stones to get protection from wind and dust.

This tent will protect from the drizzle and flying insects, etc. But you are still unsafe from the crawling insects.

Method Two:

You may not find two trees with your desired distance naturally. You can easily make up your own tent with just one tree. Interestingly, it is more spacious than the first tent and requires less time to make. Floor material can be the same as the first method. Let’s explain the second method of the DIY camping tent in the step by step method.

Materials Required:

  • Tarpaulin or waterproof trap (one at least)
  • Sticks or poles to use as stakes
  • Rope or cord (Strong)

How you will do it:

First, select a tree and tie one end of the rope with the tree at medium height. Pull the string and fix another end of the string into the ground.

Now, be a pro baseball player. Throw your Tarpaulin onto the rope and make a curved triangle. The rudimentary shelter is ready.

Let’s move to the security part. We all know, these camp shelters are not designed to provide maximum protection. But we should ensure minimum security from insects, rain and dust. So, it would help if you use a bungee cord to tie up the Tarpaulin with sticks onto the ground. Do as much as possible.

If you have a second Tarpaulin, you can use it as ground matt.

Place some stone and rocks on the surrounding area of the Tarpaulin, which will ensure protection against wind blow and rain.

Now, everything is set to install your sleeping bag inside the tent and enjoy the night halt.

Method Three:

Let’s check out our last method of making a tent from scratch. This technique will provide you with basic shelter anywhere at a low cost. This method is very straightforward and easy to implement. You will get a clear idea on How to make a tent at home with blankets and implement it on the camping grounds.

What You Will Need:

  • Tarpaulin or waterproof trap (at least one)
  • Blankets
  • Sticks or posts for using as stakes
  • Rope, string or cord (heavy-duty)

How you will do it:

Lay the waterproof trap on the ground; it is better to select a flat base. Now, layover couple of blankets to get a more comfortable bed.

Now, calculate the parameter of each pole and sticks. Make holes in each corner. You have to make gaps narrower than the parameter measured. This will make the posts durable when you establish them through.

Cut the ropes in four equal lengths and attach them with threads, but leave the tying process.

After choosing the best location, post the largest stick at the centre of the proposed tent location. Make a hole by digging into the ground to install the post there. Make sure the hole is deep enough to carry the weight of Tarpaulin.

Once the center post is established, lay over the Tarpaulin over it.

Now, tie up each corner of the Tarpaulin with sticks and ropes, this will provide strength to the tent, and place some stones and rocks on three sides of the tent to get protection from wind and dust. Before going to sleep, you can set the gravel onto the tent door side as well.

How to choose tents with AC opening:

How to choose tents with AC opening

Camping is Summer always a pleasant experience, but sometimes summer heat can exhaust the positive camping energy. To avoid the excessive summer heat, you may choose tents with Ac opening. Now, I will provide you with some tips for selecting bets tents with AC opening.

• Position of the AC port

The first thing to check is the position of the AC port. Choose the tent with AC port at the bottom zone or side area. If the AC port is above your head, it may cause a health risk. Also, check the repositioning option of the AC; in that case, higher flexibilities are desirable.

• Tent Material

Polyester is the best material for choosing a tent with an AC opening. It is durable and long-lasting. The weight is very light and easily portable.

• Check out the online review

Before buying a specific model tent, you should check its review. There are a lot of reviews available online. You can read them to understand its credibility and then decide to buy it or not.

Final Word

In the end, I hope you have gathered useful tips for night surviving in a camping ground like a pro. This hack is not only limited to camping tricks; you can quickly implement them in different household tasks. So, happy learning and enjoy your upcoming camping.