Tips for Camping with Dogs | Best Hacks for a pro Dog Camper

According to the camping report of 2019, 78 million households in the United States had someone who camped at least once. Plus, a recent survey data presented by The American Pet Products Association showed that around 63.4 million American households own at least one dog. It is easy to picture the profound relationship between camping and dogs. So, I will share the best tips for Camping with dogs in an organized outline.

Tips for hiking and camping with dogs from the experts:

• Plan Ahead

It’s a dream tour for both of you, and it is better to plan weeks before the trip. Take a good look at camping regulations, Vet checkup for the buddy, plan travel route (with the availability of dog toilets), etc.

• Take a doggy snap

Take a picture of your buddy and save it in your cell phone for any emergency purpose.

• Never leave the dog unattended:

Time to time, keep a close look, or eye contact with your dog. This will make him comfortable.

• Upgrade your gears

If your leash and harness are out of date, consider updating them. You will be a pro dog camper with updated gears.

• Watch out for dog allergies

Camping and hiking places are very unfamiliar to dogs. So, paying adequate attention to potential allergen sources from the environment or food is always a good idea.

• Bring plenty of toys

Toys will keep your buddy clam, busy, and quiet.

• Provide extra hydration

Camping with dogs: How to navigate rules and regulations

Indeed, many of the campgrounds are not pet-friendly, but there are many campgrounds all over the United States that warmly welcome calm and well-behaved dogs. So, it’s crucial to understand the rules and regulations of camping grounds. There are several norms in dog-friendly camping places. Let’s see how to navigate them:

• Leash requirements

It may varies location to location, but most campgrounds have leash requirements for the security and safety of campers. The standard rule for this criterion is that leash is no longer than six feet long for smooth control. Some camps may have other regulations, such as no retraceable leashes.

• Barking ordinances

Dog barks, it is natural, but excessive and uncontrolled barking may cause some trouble for both of you, in some cases.

• Aggressive behaviour

Most of the campgrounds are pet heaven. For the safety and security of everyone, pets with aggressive behavior are not welcomed. So, if your pet has a mood swing issues, it is better to leave him at home.


Secretes to Successfully Camping with Dogs:

Now, I am going to reveal some secrets that will help you to conduct successful camping sessions with your dogs. These are the best camping with dogs hacks you will ever find all over the internet.

• Is your dog ready for camping?

Not every person is a big fan of camping and its valid for the dogs. Some dogs don’t love outing, unfamiliar conditions, and unknown people. So, you need to understand whether your dog is ready or not for a tour.

Try to train your dog up to follow general instructions and also look for his health status is OK for camping. As you are the best mate of your dog, you will get an idea very quickly that your dog is ready or not.

• Are camping destinations are dog friendly?

As I have said earlier, most of the camping destinations are now dog-friendly and more locations are becoming dog-friendly day by day. But no camping location accepts aggressive and disturbed dogs. So, be sure about your dog’s health status for a professional vet, before choosing the best camping location for you and your buddy.

• What gears do I need to camp with my dogs?

It is the most important aspect of camping with a dog. In general, camping places are far away from a well-equipped pet shop. So, you need to be prepared for prerequisites to spend quality time with your buddy. Here is a complete list:

  • A first aid kit for pet.
  • Vaccination record of your dog.
  • A recent photo of your dog with emergency contact list.
  • The identification tag with emergency contact list.
  • Collar and/or harness
  • Sleeping bed
  • Food or water bowls
  • Treats, Paw wax, poop bags, jacket/Cool pads, and toys
  • A leash of 4 feet to 6 feet.

Sleeping Arrangements with Your Dog

Camping with a dog in a tent is more challenging when it comes to sleeping arrangements. It is tougher than staying in an RV or cabin. Here are some crucial tips to camp with a dog in a tent

  • Tent size: The thumb rule of camping with multiple dogs is, larger the tent size, it’s better to live in. In a large space, both of you will feel relaxed, comfortable, and less suffocated. For medium and large breed dogs, it’s a mandatory task. You may consider a separate puppy tent to provide more comfort to your dogs.
  • Security: You must need to lock and secure your tent before going to sleep. If your dog is well behaved, then you might relax a bit but in an unknown condition, who can say what can drive him crazy and escape from tent? So, it would help if you placed your luggage and hiking gears in front of the tent to stay safe.
  • Noise: Camping locations are unknown and unfamiliar to dogs, and if they smell something odd, they may bark out loud. There is no method to clam a dog instantly, but you may try to install a battery-operated fan in your tent to avoid noise from outside. Also, it is wise to use a dog camping bag to avoid unnecessary noises.
  • Sleeping arrangements: To make the transition process smoother, you should arrange a similar bed or couch for dogs in a tent.
Have Fun with Your Camping Canine

Have Fun with Your Camping Canine!

The reason you have brought your dog for camping is that you love spending time with each other. So, camping can be the ultimate opportunity for both of you to have fun together. Here I am listing some of the best dog-friendly activities.

  • Walking through the beach.
  • Boating with your buddy.
  • Hitting trails.
  • Visiting local parks
  • Having outdoor meal
  • Play outdoor games.

But you have to remember that all of these places mentioned above may not be dog-friendly. So, you need to check out before going to a visit and if these places have some special requirements, be sure you and your buddy fully comply with it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1#. What if I camp with multiple dogs?

Answer: Yes, it’s always a good idea to camp with multiple dogs, but you have to be cautious about their proper accommodations.

Q2#.Is it safe to camp with dogs?

Answer: Yes, it’s completely safe; nowadays, there are a bunch of dog-friendly camping locations.

Q3#.Can a dog sleep in a tent?

Answer: Yes, obviously it can, but it is better to provide a dog sleeping bag to keep the dog relaxed and comfortable at night.


If you plan to camp with your dog for the first time, let me assure you one thing, it is going to be the best memorable time of your life. You, and your best buddy, in a pleasant, cozy environment and flavor of the stake in the air. What can be better than that? I hope this guide will help you to understand the basic norms of camping with dogs.