How to Take Care of a Wolf Hybrid Puppy [The Complete Guide]

Wolf hybrid is a sensitive breed. They need proper care, concern, love. They are not usual dogs, and they are special; that’s why they need extensive attention.

Pets are like our babies. We are so busy in our life, but we need a puppy to revive our mental health, weakness, sadness, and loneliness at the end of the day. They are just like a child. As a pet parent, I know how much mentally and emotionally we get attached to our pets.

But taking care of a wolf hybrid puppy is a bit difficult. Why? It’s a bit different from a normal puppy dog, as it’s a wolf and dog hybrid. So let me explain how do you take care of a wolf hybrid Puppy?

How to Take Care of a Wolf Hybrid Puppy

Preparing a proper place, selecting quality & nutritious foods, taking delivery from the raising family themselves are crucial for taking care of a wolf hybrid puppy. But, most importantly, spend more time with your wolf hybrid puppy are the prerequisite of nursing a wolf hybrid puppy.

Let’s discuss more.

How Do you take care of a Wolf Hybrid Puppy?

There are three crucial aspects of taking care of a wolf hybrid puppy dog.  These are

  • Preparing for the Homecoming
  • Feeding
  • Delivery

Let’s discuss in more detail.

1. Preparing for the Homecoming

  • Examining the House and the Yard: I already mentioned that wolf hybrids are very sensitive. So, before picking a wolf hybrid puppy, taking care of the house and the yard are significant. Check that any poisonous plants or anything (like Oleander) can harm your puppy, and remove these immediately.
  • Land: Wolf hybrids are a bit wild. So, they usually need more land and wildness. So, it would be better to avoid the ground beside the road or full of noise. Because wolf hybrid naturally likes to stay in clam & green places.
  • Set an area for digging: Digging is in the blood of a wolf hybrid. Either set a space for them to dig or teach them not to dig. For my wolf hybrid puppy, I always prefer digging because it helps them to cool off. I enjoy them watching this.
  • Area: Wolf hybrid needs extra space. So, select a wide area for them. If not available, don’t worry; they can be raised in an apartment if you raise them from the beginning. The tip is, don’t buy an adult wolf dog from a vendor if you are planning to raise it in an apartment.
  • Remove chewable things out of their reaching area: Well, when I bought my first wolf hybrid puppy at home, I didn’t know that I have to keep chewable things far away from him. And the next morning, I saw that he chewed my laptop charger. Then in the evening of the same day, he chewed the TV cable. So be careful about that.
  • Initial Contact: Go to pick your puppy by yourself. Use a towel to hold them. Generally, young puppies have car sickness. So you should be aware of that.
  • Finally home: Wolf hybrids are naturally shy. As it is a new environment for your puppy, so they can be scared too. So, the first thing you need to do is, spend some days with them so that he/they can start trusting you. Don’t let your puppy feel alone; otherwise, it might cause “separation anxiety.” And gradually, they will be sick. I spent around 15 days with my puppy. After that, he started to count me as his mom.

2. Feeding

  • Food: Qualityfood is the most crucial thing for a wolf hybrid puppy.Start with at least 28% protein, gradually increase it, and avoid corn, soy, and wheat. I started with Blue Buffalo Natural Wolf Hybrid Puppy Dog Food and then Taste of the Wild Dog Food for Wolf Hybrids. Then I switch to Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dog Food with 42% protein. After some time, I gave him raw meat. My puppy loves to eat watermelon and pineapples. So you can give fruits to your puppy too. But some wolf hybrids have a sensitive stomach. It would be best if you cared about that.
  • Feeding: Wolf hydrides have lactose intolerance. So after having milk, their poop will be runny. So don’t feed your puppy frequently. Feed only three times a day on the 1st week.  

3. Delivery

When you pick the puppy for you, you are parting the puppy from their family. So they become scared, and it makes them sick. But if the raising family deliver of their own. Then the result comes out a little bit better. So I would recommend paying the family if possible and telling them to deliver the puppy by themselves.

What do Puppy Wolf-Dog Hybrids Eat?

Wolf hybrids do not eat general dog food. Instead, they love to eat wild wolves’ foods, like raw meat. So it would help if you fed them raw meats daily. Chicken and turkey are also good for them, but you should avoid raw pork because it can cause stomach problems.

Include some nutritional supplements into the regular meals, like vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, glucosamine, pumpkin, garlic, and wheatgrass. These help decrease the risk of some common health problems such as arthritis, digestive issues, allergy, skin issues, and parasites.

Most importantly, fresh water is a vital thing. So you should provide pure water to your puppy. For this, you can use livestock.

How do you Discipline a Wolf Hybrid Puppy?

Discipline your puppy as you discipline your baby. When they do something wrong, sought loudly and say ‘No.’ And at the time of saying ‘No ‘make sure that you mean it. Puppies hate noise.

So they will understand that they did something bad. But as for good deed, you will appreciate it. Give them some rewards, make them feel that it was a good deed. So that they can understand ‘No’ means bad and ‘rewards’ means good. But don’t misbehave continuously.

There is also something like biting, attacking, etc. are not good things. They should behave.

What Percentage of the Wolf is Legal?

Owning 98%/2% wolf hybrids is legal federally. The United States prohibited to won a pure wolf; it is illegal. They are classified as a dangerous species. 

Not only the US but also so many countries made it illegal to own wolves or wolf-dogs. So remember that for owning such animals, legally take permission from your state’s Fish and Game Department and the local Animal Regulation Department

How do you Train a Wolf Hybrid Puppy?

Now you know to feed and taking care of your wolf hybrid puppy. The next thing is training. I will tell you some steps to follow according to my experience. If the result comes out productive, you’ll have a sweet and loving new member of your family. 

Necessary Supplies for Training

  1. Leash
  2. Collar
  3. Some chewable toys
  4. Training reward treats
  5. A place to punish the puppy (unused bedroom or a basement to isolate the puppy).

Now let’s see the training process. For this, you have to be patient.

  • Socializing your wolf hybrid puppy should be the first step. In that case, start socialization from the family first. Let them interact with other pets or people in the family. Then take them to a public place.
  • Don’t forget to use the collar and the leash before going out. It’s for the safety of everyone and your puppy also because wolf hybrids are kinds of aggressive and shy. My pup is still very aggressive and nervous because I didn’t take him out in public places when he was young.
  • Take them to a veterinarian for a routine check-up. Or another thing you can do is, take to a public place or other pets. If you notice anything unusual, then take them to the vet. But if there is nothing, then it’s okay.
  • Obedience training is essential. So either take your puppy to a good trainer or recherché it through online. You can take proper training also because own training is important to train your loving puppy.
  • Play with your puppy with some toys. Give them more time. Let them feel at home with you to trust you and don’t be scared anymore. First few days, I spent a lot of time with my puppy. It helped a lot. He started to trust me, and it reduced his aggressiveness.
  • Your puppy needs to get comfortable with humans’ touch. Start petting them ear and neck and checking teeth, tail, and the body overall. This will help you with normal checks & taking them to the vet.
  • Wolf hybrids are very intelligent & vocal animals. They love to talk. Talk with them and play new games daily. After some days you will see that they will start to co-operate with you like a human. I talked to my puppy four times a day.
  • Wolf hybrids love to chew. And as their nature is wild, so they like to bite. So give them some toys to chew. And make it as their habit. It will make them not bite others.
  • Potty training is very important. If you keep your puppy inside the house, then train them to potty outside. You can try to set others trained animals as an example. For example, I teach my little puppy to follow Jacky (mother wolf dog). Whenever Jacky go out to the potty, he (the little puppy) also followed her. So you can try this also.
  • When your puppy starts to trust you fully, start to punish them for bad behavior and reward them for their good behaviors. I isolated my puppies for their bad manners. After that, they regretted it a little. Then when they did good things, I appreciated it and gave them rewards. It works great for them.  


Now you know, how to take care of a wolf hybrid puppy.  And also, know that Normal puppies and wolf hybrid puppies are not the same. I also talked about how can you train your wolf hybrid puppy. Note the recommendations I have provided. Otherwise, it can be tough parenting.