What Should I Feed My Wolf Hybrid? [Explained]

Wolf hybrid is a fantastic creature to have as a pet, especially if you’re a dog lover. And if you already have one, then you must know how exciting it is to have them.

As wolf hybrids vary from normal dogs in various aspects, it may often be challenging to understand their behavioral characteristics or food habitat. Also, the nutritional need of wolf hybrids is not the same as the dogs. One of your common concerns might be what should I feed my wolf hybrid? We are here to answer!

You’ll have to provide an adequate amount of protein to your wolf hybrid. Meat is a great source of protein. So you can feed them fish, chicken, and beef. There are also specified dog foods available for a wolf dog. You need to choose the best wolf-dog diet to keep the dog healthy


As mentioned earlier, wolf hybrids vary in a lot of aspects from normal dogs. So, it is also needed to consider many other things along with food habitat. So, if you’re thinking about having a wolf hybrid as your pet or if you’re a new owner of these mighty creatures, then stay with us because we’re going to ease all your concerns.

What Should I Feed My Wolf Dog?

The food habits of a Wolf dog are not similar to a typical dog. A wolf dog is a hybrid of the wolf, so precisely, you’ll have to feed them what the wild wolves eat—for example, raw meat.

However, there are some exceptions in the case of meat. You can’t feed them all types of meat because it may cause digestion problems. Let’s take a detailed look at what type of meats you can provide to your Wolf dog and some other foods you can feed them.

  • Meat: You can feed any raw meat to your Wolf dog except pork meat. Pork meat can cause digestion problems. Besides, you need to feed numerous pounds of meat each day. You can choose the raw meat of chicken, beef, etc. Turkey might be a good choice too.
  • Vegetables & Fruits: Other than meats, vegetables and fruits also provide a good level of nutrition to wolf hybrids. Pumpkin, garlic, and alfalfa are excellent sources for preventing various health problems. However, before feeding any fruit or vegetable, you should always check your vet to ensure whether it is safe to feed or not.
  • Water: Water is a must for every living being, so the wolf dogs. Your Wolf hybrid dog will need a good amount of fresh water every day, especially if it’s summer. So you’ll have to provide them with pristine and cool water.

How Much Should I Feed My Wolf Dog?

Wolf dogs need a proper amount of protein and nutrition in their usual life. So whatever food you’ll be serving to your Wolf dog, you’ll have to keep in mind whether they’re getting enough protein and nutrition according to their needs or not.

Providing an excess amount of food may cause severe health or digestion problems. Also, lack of proper nutrition may lead to the same issues too.

While feeding the meat, make sure that it is served in chunks to them. You can provide a total of three pounds of meat per day. This will keep your Wolf dog in a healthy shape.

For a balanced diet, you can feed them different vegetables along with rice once a day. Also, you’ll have to make sure that the rice and the veggies are cooked properly. It will be easier for your pet to digest if the food is cooked properly.

How Do you Raise a Wolf Hybrid?

Wolf dogs can be hard to raise because of their wild nature. In addition, as wolf dogs naturally include wild instincts in themselves, it may sometimes be difficult to understand their behavioral pattern.

Although with proper training and guidance, it is possible to raise a wolf hybrid smoothly. Follow the simple steps below to know more:

  • Start playing different types of games with your Wolf dog in which you’ll give commands and the dog will receive treats for obeying them for its good behavior.
  • Take your Wolf dog outside for a good walk at least once a day. Also, try to exercise your Wolf dog every day for a top-shaped body.
  • Observe your dog’s behavior around strangers and close people. Dogs are naturally loyal to their owners. However, your wolf hybrid might show a different kind of behavior in front of outsiders or strangers.
  • Make sure that your Wolf dog is getting an accurate level of protein and nutrition every day. An average wolf dog should have 40 to 60 pounds. Besides compared to the older ones, puppies require more protein and nutrition
  • Lastly, don’t forget to comb your pet’s coat daily. Wolf dogs shed their coats twice a year. So it is needed to conserve their fur by brushing.

What Do I Need to know About a Wolf Hybrid?

By now, you’ve already realized that wolf hybrids are distinctive animals. There are tons of unique but also standard features that they carry.

As a wolf hybrid owner or an owner, you must learn some basic stuff. So let me talk about some common features of a wolf hybrid for your better understanding.

Physical features

Usually, a wolf hybrid’s head is quite large compared to its body. Their legs and feet are longer than a typical dog. They have narrow chests with vertical and round ears.

A wolf’s hybrid’s eyes are light in color compared to a domestic dog. Domestic dogs tend to have black or brown eyes. A wolf hybrid’s nose is black, and teeth are longer than the typical dog’s. Moreover,  their tails are straight and bushier.


Wolf hybrids are usually more vicious than your ordinary dogs. Also, they might be more strong and aggressive. It may become tough to understand them. Many wolf hybrid owners face a lot of trouble, but if you’re patient enough, then it’s easy. Remember, it is important to take special care of them from the beginning or turn them into more destructors.

How Do you Discipline a Wolf Dog?

Wolf dogs are not everyone’s cup of tea. Even if some people manage to get one, they still need to rethink their decision again.

The aggressive and wild nature of wolf dogs is not something that you can ignore because many things might be at risk.

But don’t worry! Every problem has a solution.

One of the best ways to slowly eradicate the aggressive nature of a wolf hybrid dog is to make them disciplined. Proper discipline can surely make them home friendly and your best friends. Let me share some ways with you that might help:

  • For the first 2-3 weeks, wolf dogs should be home-raised by the owner or family members to start to get socialized nicely.
  • Start introducing your Wolf dog to its crate as soon as you can. Like the typical puppies, it works for wolf hybrids too. Crate training is an important method to keep your Wolf dog in a disciplined way. Besides, make sure you are not forcing your wolf dog into a crate. Instead, put its daily meals and create an excellent environment so that your wolf dog feels enthusiastic.
  • During house training, you’ll have to teach your wolf dog the primary ways of eating and other stuff. For this, you can make a routine. When the dog will follow the instructions given by you, make sure you’re appreciating or praising them.
  • Spend quality time with them as much as possible. Don’t just leave them outside to walk or play alone. Spending enough time with your beloved dog will make the bond stronger.

Can wolf Hybrids Eat Dog Food?

Wolf hybrids can eat dog foods. But, you need to choose carefully, as they can not eat normal dog foods.

Although wolf hybrids are dogs, the only difference is they have more characteristics of the wild wolves. For example, the wild wolves tend to eat meat. So, the perfect dog food for wolf hybrids will contain the nutrition of raw meat.

Are Wolf dogs Wangerous?

According to research, even if some wolf dogs are non-aggressive and have a friendly nature, many wolf dogs tend to be more wild, aggressive, and fierce.

The dog bite statistic shows that wolf dogs hold the sixth position in biting. So even if you ask people having wolf dogs as pets, they’ll share some of their awful experiences with them too.

A lot of you might think that it is possible to make wolf dogs disciplined with proper training. Yes, it is. But the chances of this being resulting are rare. Besides, another study shows that no training may be enough to change the wild nature of wolf dogs.

If you research a bit, you can also find; however, the damage might not be that serious. So, there’s nothing to worry about! You can still have a Wolf dog if you can handle it appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q#1. Do wolf dogs turn on their owners?

Ans: The answer is neither yes nor no. There have been a lot of myths since the beginning about whether wolf dogs turn on their owners or not. A lot of people might think they do. But in reality, there’s no exact answer to this question.

Q2#. How much does a wolf hybrid cost?

Ans: A wolf hybrid might not be a dog exactly, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have an expandable price. If you’re thinking about having a wolf hybrid, you should have a $2,400 to 5,000. This is the affordable range to get a nice one as your pet. However, the average cost for all kinds of wolf hybrids is $800.

Q3#. How long do wolf dog hybrids live?

A wolf dog’s life span is 12-14 years, almost the same as a typical dog. Many of us may think or have heard that a wolf hybrid has a longer lifespan, but it’s just a myth. The only difference is wolf dogs are more healthy than normal dogs.

Q4#. Are wolf hybrids safe to own?

This is a tough one to answer because one side thinks wolf hybrids are wonderful pets that you can own.

It’s pretty fun to live with them, which we can’t deny. But on the other side, many people think that they’re way too aggressive and risky.

Q5#. Are wolf dogs loyal?

YES! As we all know, loyalty is a common thing among dogs. Wolf dogs are also not different from it. They’re brilliant and loyal dogs who will guard your home. Also, wolf dogs are very responsive and active if they sense any danger.

Q#6. Is it illegal to have a wolf dog?

Whether it’s legal or not to have a wolf dog depends on which state you live in. If you’re from the United States, you can have a wolf-dog because it’s legal. However, most countries or states have started to restrict having a wolf dog. If one is seen, then it’ll be killed instantly.


Owning wolf dogs can have both good and bad sides. Don’t forget in the end; everything depends on how well we maintain them. We hope this article would have cleared all your questions about what should I feed my wolf hybrid. If YES, then don’t forget to share it with more wolf-hybrid lovers!