How to Keep Dogs Out of Litter box ? ( Facts You Should Know)

If you have various pets at your house, which means raising more than one animal in your home, things can get a little complicated. You have to manage both the animals at a time and take care of their needs simultaneously. One such example is a dog and a cat. If you are enjoying the company of both of them, then there are certain restrictions, which you will have to impose, such as keeping your god away from the litter box.
How to keep dogs out of litter box? You can opt for various techniques, such as covering the litter box and keeping a pet gate. Furthermore, there can be other little tricks that you can look out to ensure that your dog stays away from the litter box.

Covering the litter box

The most reliable and straightforward procedure is to cover the litter box. You can cover them with any material that ensures that only cats can enter in it. This solution won’t only let your dog stay away from the litter box but also reduce the smell in your house.

Drawback of covering

At one point, when we see that the covering of litter box helps us, on the other hand, it can cause uneasiness to the cats. They might not feel comfortable to use the litter box anymore because they think of it as a trap. Thus, the narrow entrance of the litter box can become an issue for your cats.

Keeping a pet gate

If you keep the litter box in a place where you rarely enter, then a pet gate can end to your problems. Your cat can access it through the small door while your dog will be blocked entering. 

Drawbacks of pet gate

This method comes in with a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, it is very costly, and then adding in trouble is the hassle of finding how it works. Along with this, it is also complicated to install on your own. Thus, you will have to put in extra money to get it fixed. The most significant disadvantage of this technique is that bigger dogs can quickly jump over it, which makes this technique completely useless.
How to keep dog out of little box

Change the design of the litter box

Dogs do not easily adjust to a new environment, which is why it is suggested to change the litter box’s design. You can bring an original litter box, which is different in design, or you can place the litter box in a cabinet.

Drawbacks of changing the design

On one end, it will block your dog; similarly, it will bring out hesitation in your cat. The cat will not feel comfortable with the new environment and will take time to adjust.

Clean the litter box more often.

If you are still wondering how to keep dogs away from the litter box, cleaning it frequently can help you. First, you need to feed your cats at the same time and observe the time when it makes use of the litter box. As soon as she uses it, it would be best if you cleaned the box.

Drawbacks of cleaning

Although this method is handy, it still brings with it the disadvantage of consumption of time. With all the rush in your life, you will be restricted to another duty of cleaning your cat’s litter box instantly. If you make delays, then your dog will reach out to it first.

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Train your dog

One thing that is well known about dogs is that they can be trained instantly and follow your guidance. Thus, you will have to put in time and effort with your dog to teach him that the litter box is not made for him. Whenever your dog starts going towards the litter box, you need to tell him to leave it. Once he gets his hands off it and comes to you, praise him with a pat or offer him a treat.

train your dog

Drawbacks of training

Although this is a very reliable and efficient process, yet it comes with a disadvantage that it required a lot of time and attention. Mostly, pet owners do not adopt this technique due to its high demand of time and concentration.

Engage your dog in activities

Sometimes dogs get this habit of going to the litter box because they are potentially bored and do not find anything else. Thus, this distracts them from finding new patterns. You can engage your dog in more activities and provide him proper attention.

Drawbacks of engaging your dog

The only drawback of this technique can be that it is not always the solution to your problem. If your dog finds the litter appealing, this technique will not stop the dog from going towards the litter box.

Use bitter apple sprays

This technique aims to eliminate the temptation that your dog has for the litter in the box. Whenever your cat makes use of the litter box, you can spray over some bitter apple or apple cider vinegar. Thus, when your dog tries to eat it, he will find the taste disgusting and will get over this habit.

Drawbacks of bitter apple sprays

Again, this method demands you to keep an eye on your cat’s schedule and spray the litter timely so that your dog does not make his way first. Thus, this technique (like most of the others) requires your time and attention.

Feed your cats something different

Some pet owners discovered that changing the feed of your cats is an effective solution to the problem. It will change the taste of litter, which can keep your dog away from it. Thus, this method is also aimed at reducing the appetizing of cat litter for the dog.

Drawbacks of changing feed

Some cats are very selective, and they do not adjust to the news feed. The pickiness in cats will make them avoid the new food, and thus it will leave no choice but to revert the diet.

The most reliable method

Among all the methods listed above, this method is the most effective and reliable because it cuts out the drawbacks of other techniques.

Adjustable Door Straps

When pet gates and covering the litter box is not helping then, door straps are an ideal solution. Thus, this is the most comfortable and most convenient method to block your dog’s way to the litter box. All you need to do is install the door latches, which will provide flexible space for your cat to enter. However, your dog will not be able to come, and thus your mission is a success.

Why is it more reliable?

Your dog will not be able to jump through the path, and neither can he squeeze through the narrow door entrance. Your cat will also stay in peace, as the cat will not have to disturb you to uncover the litter box. Adding in its easiness is the fact that it is also easy to install. This technique does not have any underlying cons, which makes it a very reliable method.

Wrap Up

Keeping two pets at once can increase your trouble. However, adequate supervision can ease away your problems. If you are a pet obsessed person, then give your pets the proper time and care. Figure out that which is the best solution that keeps your dog’s away from the litter box.

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