Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food | Truth Revealed

Animals tend to have weird habits or behaviors that might make you wonder why they act like that. And trust me, cats are no exception.

Have you ever thought, are these behaviours indicating something? Is your pet trying to send you a message?

why does my cat try to bury her food

Burying food is another cat behaviour that raises questions in parents’ minds. Why does my cat try to bury her food? If I put this in simple words, this is an instinct that seems to be quite natural; it is something that they inherit from their ancestors who lived in the wild.

Let’s get to know the facts and features of a cat’s tendency to bury the food.

Is it a message my pet trying to send me?

There is a misconception among cat parents that burying is a sign of a cat disliking the food. But it’s not true. If you are a research person, let’s try a trick. You may try to observe your cat by providing her favorite food. You will get the answer yourself.

Is it a sign of lack of hunger?

Cat owner like me often face issues and try to understand why does my cat scratch floor around her food? Is she ill? Or is there another issues I can’t figure out!

Let’s make the issue clear.

If your cat is not finishing the amount of food you gave her, maybe it’s just because she’s not that hungry. Cats are not the type of animals who store food for later. So, yeah, she might not be that vigorous hunger as you think she is. It might also be a sign of your cat growing older. That is because older cats have less appetite than younger ones.

The wild instinct of a cat has a resemblance with food bury behaviour?

You might also wonder how to play cat scratches, and is it a sign of comfort or discomfort? Firstly, Well, as I have said before, it is an instinct that is inherited from their ancestors who used to live in the wild. When they tend to do this at your home, it is a positive sign that they are comfortable enough.

Another reason your cat trying to bury food is that it is merely trying to hide the traces of their presence.

Hide & Seek, With the kitten baby!

why does my cat try to bury her wet food

Reasons behind cat hide their food

Not only food, the cat also tries different things like poop. As a cat parent, you must already know that fact that why do cats bury their poop. Let’s understand what the reasons behind this hiding behaviour are.

  • We all know that animals tend to mark their own areas to make themselves look dominant.
  • Cats bury poop, and dogs bury bones. So, that other cats can identify the smell and avoid their territory.
  • Cats do not like to draw extra attention from other predators. Weaker or smaller cats tend to bury their poop so that the dominant wild cats do not get or feel challenged. All though your home cat is safe at your home, but it is may not be sure. So, it is why they bury their wastes.

How to stop food burying behaviour of cat

Firstly, it’s truly a harmless attitude of cats. But it may bother some of the cat owners. To get rid of this, I can suggest you some tricks that can give you some relief.

  • Provide a smaller proportion of food to your cat. If you practice so, you will get the answer to why does my cat try to bury her wet food. If you don’t know the exact amount, try with a smaller amount, and identify the threshold value where the leftover starts.
  • Try not to leave the food bucket down when the cat has provided the belly full signal. You can now take up the food bucket and clean up the leftovers and provide fresh water to the cat.
  • You can certainly try out a puzzle feeder, that will enhance your cat’s hunting capacity.
  • If you are too annoyed with this behavior, distract the cat with other activities or some playtime.

Mood swings of a cat

Adorable cats enjoy the company of their parents. Do you know, how do they show their comfy? By laying overshoes of her parents.

If it raises concern that why does my cat lay on my shoes, don’t worry; enjoy the company of a feline friend. It’s a sign of their good mood.

Swing of mood also depends on choice and attitude with food.

Cats are not the kind of animals who would save their food for eating later. If you keep providing your cat the same food over and over again, it might just get bored and stop eating. Try to offer your cat different dry and wet food. Sometimes, try to provide her with treats.

On the contrary, not being physically well can be another reason when a cat trying to bury food. Losing appetite is the first thing to happen when they are not feeling well.

If your cat does not consume any food for 24 hours, I suggest you see a vet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1#. Do cat get bored of eating same type of food?

Answer: Well, yeah. When you keep giving your cat the same food for days, gradually, it starts to get bored with it. A bit of change in the food will help the cat maintain interest in the food she eats.

Q2#. Why does a cat paw her water bowl?

Answer: Moving water might look fresher. Cats don’t like stagnant water.


In the very end, I would like to wrap it up with your cat trying to bury food is just a natural thing. All they do is simply show the habits that they have inherited.

But sometimes, you need to look for signs that could not be normal. I hope you will find the above information useful.