What to do When a cat vomits? (Expert Opinions)

If it is a pet cat you adore and love to take care of, wouldn’t you want it to be well and stay right?

Who the heck wouldn’t ask for that!

To be speaking straight, cats are the one who needs more care than any other pet you might ever get. That is to say, if not taken proper care of, they may fall victim to many uncertainties, among which the most common is vomiting.    

As one of the most seen complexities, people have many questions regarding it, such as what to do when a cat vomits?

The most important thing is to find out first as to why they even vomit for. Over-eating can be treated after finding out as the most common reason for vomiting of the cats. Along with setting a proper diet plan with specialized cat food for vomiting, a visit to the vet can be done in terms of need.

Let’s get to more detail.

Is it food that causes a cat to throw up?

Yes, you got it right! The main reason that can ever be for causing throwing up to your cat is the food you are giving, food intake, and the food type. Also, there are many other reasons other than food for regurgitation of foods in the cat. All that being said, it is assumed that the problem is related to the various factors of food and diet of your cat.

One of the most significant reasons for throwing up or vomiting is over-eating, often seen amongst house pets. So, if you are worried about your cat’s health and food habits, this is one of the things you should primarily take in your consideration. Some of the more reasons along with these are mentioned with details for the cat’s throwing up:

  • Food being superior amongst all other reasons for the throwing up mainly addresses towards over-eating. That means the problem of food mainly comes from over-eating, which is intolerable for the digestive system of the cats.
  •  A kind of reflex is happening inside the cat’s stomach, leading to stretching when foods get inside. Thus, cats regurgitate or result in throwing up the food just after eating.
  • There may be many other disorders other than just the food that your cat eats. That is to say, your cat may be going through gastrointestinal-related problems or other bowel inflammatory diseases.
  • A wide range of many other metabolic problems can also lead to this condition of throwing up food in cats.

What kind of diet should I go for Younger, adult, and an older cat that vomits?

As it is crystal-clear about the relation between vomiting and food habits, you are always left with proper solutions to get rid of your cats throwing up.

By the name of solutions, you can take simple measurements sitting at home by switching your cat’s diet plan. Yes, a good diet plan can be the key as the remedy to all your cat’s problems.

A good diet plan always includes the frequency of meals, quality, and quantity besides the type of food that prevails in the diet. So, for the best results, a detailed diet plan for younger, adult, and older cats are given in the below sections:

  • If your cat got an acute case of vomiting, extraordinary changes must be made in food type. These modifications can be included as adding more easy-to-digest foods. Gastrointestinal cat foods, bland human foods, meat-flavoured baby foods, and so on can be some great choices for the diet plan.
  • The amount of food is as significant as the type of food you give to the cat. Most importantly, over-eating should be prevented, and the frequency of giving of foods should be increased by decreasing the amount.
  • Don’t give lots of food at a time. Instead, go for small meals a more significant number of times throughout the day. Also, some minor changes like selecting a bowl for which your cat has to play around for the food to slow the process of eating are game-changers.
  • The changes should be done by monitoring how much food you are giving to them and how much they can eat at a time without vomiting. Taking over-care in the name of giving additional food to your pet instead of an ideal diet is nothing more than harming themselves.

When Should I take my cat to a Vet?

As a living creature, there create many chances of issues relating to the body and regular lifestyle of that creature. The very same happens with your pets that need special attention. Just like the way we need food, sleep, rest, and treatment at the time of need, pets also fall in the same category of the living world.

If you have domestic cats in your house by any means, you need to take them to the vet at once. This can be at the time of many unusual disorders that always leaves a chance to happen with your cat, unnatural food habits, and so on. The times when you must need to take your cat to a vet are as follows:

Unusual behavior of the cat:

When you see a sudden change in your cat’s behaviour, which is different from the regular times, then it is a thing to worry about. In most cases, it may lead that your cat is suffering from any internal disease. That also includes various metabolic diseases that weaken the immune system.

Various parasites attack causes uneven conditions for the cats. The digestive system’s irregularities are also note-worthy. All these need prescriptions and medications under a professional vet.

Irregularities in the food habits:

Your cat not eating food at the right time, paying lack of interest in having food, and many more are some earlier signs of this problem. This problem always arises with the need for a vet as the solution because endless possible reasons lie for this that includes internal, unstable conditions.

Vomiting or throwing up food more than often:

Vomiting is quite common in cats which can be treated even with some home remedies.

But there come many such circumstances when the scenario of vomiting also becomes acute and severe. For example, when your cat is vomiting almost every time after the meal, the case is different even after following a perfect diet plan and eating routine.

Vomiting can occur even for the unstable health issue of your pet that includes the attack of parasites, cancerous intestinal cells, ingestion of foreign objects, etc. These are the cases you must need your cat to take to a nearby vet for proper treatment in time.


Sincerely, it’s a matter of thing to be considered when the pet you care for is suffering from not eating well. They are mostly the cats that tend to vomit after a more than moderate to intense meal session. By following some standard rules about the food guide of the cats and by paying a visit to the vet, the problem of vomiting can be brought under control.