How to Train a Cat to Use a Scratching post | Facts Revealed

It is a matter of headache when your sweet little kittens are acting tigress and scratching all over the places and writing hieroglyphics. You might wonder why she indeed turns to an aggressive cat, but don’t worry, and it is normal and natural.

how to train a cat to use a scratching post

Now, the question is, what the ways to get rid of this situation are? How to train a cat to use a scratching post? There are different ways, such as using catnip, trimming paws, and many more. I will describe each procedure in detail in the simplest way.

How to Make a Cat Scratching Post

Your cat might show mild or no interest in your newly bought scratching post but are you going to give up? No, right? In a few instances, a little more coaxing may help them to go through this issue. I will provide you with some essential tips for making a cat scratching post.


Catnip is an exciting thing, and usually cats give different reactions to catnip. Try to sprinkle few loose-leaf catnips on other places of the scratching post. If the cats lick the leaf, they might knead and start scratching the post.


Great way to make cats interested in scratching poles is to play around the post. The more you play with your cats around the post more she will get familiar with it. Somehow, she will discover that it is an excellent scratching place and gradually starts scratching.

Try laying the scratching post on its side

You may try to post the side of the scratching post while working with your cats. Gradually, your cats will become familiar with the post, and after a few days when your cats will use the post reliably. Cats will not only scratch the post they will enjoy it.

For multiple cats you will need various scratching posts

If you have more than one cat, then you will need to install more than one scratching post. You may ask why? This is because it will lure cats to compete for a chance to scratch when they find it interesting.


Cats usually love treats. You can lure the treat loving cats for getting onto the scratching post, and when they get used to the scratching post, you might save some goodies for any other new training session.

Pheromone spray

It is the best way to create interest in the scratching post. The spray will attract cats to the pole, especially if you spray onto the top of the post, then cats will try to reach on the top. With this strategy, you will see the cats are learning to scratch the center very quickly.

What is the Best way to train an adult cat to use a Scratching post?

No cat owner will like scratched furniture or other belongings, but cats are irresistible to scratch. To avoid misunderstanding between you and your cat, you might consider buying a scratching post. With proper training, both of you guys will enjoy your relevant properties. Now, I will briefly illustrate the best few ways to train an adult can to use the scratching post.

• Provide an irresistible scratching surface

Cats typically have a wide range of choices when it comes to scratching. Some cats love to scratch the vertical surface, and some cats love horizontal posts. That’s why an inexpensive and flat scratching post is a great option. Get a durable and sturdy scratching post. Train a cat with a sturdy pole is one of the smartest ways to train a cat.

• Praising and scolding

Scolding is an essential step in training a cat. It can send a fruitful message to a cat on what to scratch and what not to scratch.

The principal strategy is scolded in a low and warm voice. Like, try to stop the cat by saying “Noooooo, Kitty!” It will help the kitty to understand this object is non-scratchable. If she takes her paws from the item, gently take her to the scratching post, and encourage her. Give her the position to scratch, don’t force the cat to scratch but suggest politely. Praise the cat enthusiastically if she performs scratching.

• Trim your cat’s claw

Trimming a cat’s paw can upregulate its scratching behavior. But sometimes trimming can be a challenging job for a cat owner. But, it’s a critical step from home training your cat.

Often adult cats resist claw clipping, but you need to calm her down. Once you successfully, trim hour cats’ claw, it will lose interest in scratching your belongings. On the other hand, if you can train up your cats by following the methods described earlier, you will see the cat scratching the post.

What can I do to stop my cat scratching my furniture and carpets?

There are several steps you can stop the cat to scratch the furniture.

Most of you have faced the problem and searched the internet to get a solution to how can I stop my cats from scratching furniture? And ended up in here. I will provide you with some easy guideline to save your belongings from cat scratching.

• Cat furniture

Install dedicated furniture for cats; it can be cat trees, cat condos, cat towers, etc. Cat trees are dedicatedly used to train up the cats to practice scratching on it. In the case of cat condos, the house of cats has a built-in option of scratching. The cat condos and cat trees are the most common feature of multi cats’ households.

• Nail trimming

It is a crucial aspect to keep things under control from a young kitten age. If you trim your cat’s nail regularly, it will not scratch your furniture and carpets.

• Sticky Paws

It is large and double-sided scotch tape. These tapes are very uncomfortable for cats’ paw to touch. It is also safe for furniture.

• Soft Claws/Soft paws

These essential nail caps and will protect your furniture from scratching.

Final Verdict

Cats are very adorable, and they are sensitive as well. As a cat lover, we need to look after every aspect of the cat’s life. I gifted my sweet kittens a lovely cat tree house last year and provided ample training with a cool head. Now, if you visit my house, you will not be going to find a single scratch anywhere.  How have I done all these? Only by following the methods mentioned earlier.