How to Make a Dog Cone Collar? 6 Best Ways to Make Cone Collar

We love this loyal friend who guards our house well and never leaves its owner if you treat it well. Yes, I am talking about your loyal friend, your dog. Like us, dogs are also get injured and get wounded. But the problem is they tend to lick their wounded area with their tongue. They feel that by licking or chewing the injured area, it will be cleaned. Here comes the sad part, it creates the situation worse. It may cause further bacterial infection or can damage the tissues of the wounded area. Here comes the importance of an excellent dog collar.

Prevention is always better than cure. So it will be the wisest decision to keep your beloved pet away from mouthing the wounded area. And the best way to execute your idea is to make an E-cone in detail Elizabethan Collar.

You can buy one for your dog, but here I am to save your money. Stay till the end and learn how to make a dog collar. I will try to break down the DIY tricks of making a homemade E-cone collar for the dog.

Tools Requirements

  • Scissors or sharp knife
  • Marker or pencil
  • Measuring tapes
  • Compass
  • Hole maker
  • Needle and threads

Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Dog Cone Collar

Let’s talk about the steps you must go through to get your DIY cone collar for your beloved dog.

Take the Measurements:

It would help if you thought about your dog’s comfort first, as the cone collar will remain stick to the collar. Proper measurement of the neck region should be taken so that the cone collar fits appropriately without creating any discomfort. So here you are going to need the measurement tape to take the measurement. First, take the measurement of your dog’s collar region.


At this point, you need to think about which material you want to use for making your collar. You can use material like cardboard, bucket, towel, butter tub, or even egg crates. Choose the materials according to your dog’s comfort. You can go for a towel if you make the cone collar for your cute little puppy. And for a bigger one, you may use a bucket or plastic bin.

Shape your material:

It’s time for shaping. Keep the material on the table in such a way that no wrinkle is formed. It will help you draw a perfect cone shape. You can use a compass, or you can draw by hand. Draw a cone shape using tools and keep the measurement fit using your scale.  

Cut it:

Time for a cut! Cut your materials according to the measurement you have taken earlier. You have drawn the shape now cut using a knife, scissors, or anti-cutter in the previous step. This time you have to be very careful as a slight mistake can make the shape unfit for a dog. End up cutting solely on a single side to allow you to tailor the shape and size to your pet’s needs.

Make it comfortable

Place the additional tape on the border of the collar your dog will wear so the cardboard or any hard material doesn’t cut your pet’s collar, and use strong sticky tape to tape the two ends of the collar in place.

So here is the DIY homemade E-cone collar for your pet. Indeed it will cause you less effort and save your money as well.

Cone-collar Hacks and tips

E-collars are understandably unpopular with dogs. They’re thick and unpleasant, making it difficult to see something and romp as dogs enjoy.

Some dogs make a valiant attempt (and rarely succeeds) to remove or ruin their cone. It’s possible that if they can lick or gnaw themselves, the process of healing will be sped up. In a pinch, a handmade dog cone alternative can be handy.

Here are some suggestions for helping your pet maintain his or her cone on through the recovery process:

Assess for scarring on your pet’s collar, ears, and shoulders to make sure the vet e-collar or your DIY collar isn’t hurting them.

If your pet suffers from cone collars while eating and drinking, you can consider removing them when taking a meal. But stay with them and don’t let them lick their wound.

Prepare to lead your dog all around the yard because their new item may impair their peripheral vision. Be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your dog to ensure they don’t collide with anything or tumble down the stairwell, into a pool, etc.


Our pet is our dear friend. So we have to take excellent care of them. As it is their natural tendency to lick their wound by the tongue, we must prevent them from doing that. An E-cone collar is an excellent way to make your work easy and straightforward. Just make sure that you remain strict with your pet and make them wear it. I have tried to simplify the steps for you to make a perfect collar for your dear dog. Some hacks and tips are also given for your better understanding. I hope my experience will help you with your work.