How to Keep Litter Box from Smelling | Explained

NASA is searching for extra-terrestrial life, and the whole cat industry is searching for an odor-free feline litter box.

An odor cancelling, super kitten waste box is a dream of every cat owner. Some people say it’s a holy grail for cat parents. In this article, we will talk about how to keep litter box from smelling? It is not that hard; actually, you can do some simple tasks to control the odor. Like, scooping off the droppings daily, cleaning the litter box weekly, or adding baking soda with the litter.


Let’s not smell odd like cat poop, getting straight into the main point.

Does these smell controlling products and systems truly top-notch?

There are ample overrated, ambiguous reviews of numerous cat littler box capable of controlling smell. People often get into these sorts of reviews and suffer from an incompatible product.

My cat smells bad what can I do? To be exact, not all products are harmful. Just, you need to check the compatibility, which littler box will be a great match with your cat. These smart products or accessories can help control bad smell.

But the ultimate secret is that to control poop smell, one needs to clean the litter box precisely and regularly. No perfect option is available rather than this.

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Is it possible to eliminate the odor completely?

It’s never possible to cancel the odor completely. Now, you might think, how to stop cat litter smelling? As of now, you must have known, cleaning the litter box plays the most crucial part in controlling the bad smell.

These are some steps that will quench your quest!

  • It would help if you replaced the litter in the box once or twice a week.
  • You must replace the entire litter box once a year or use a disposable litter box.
  • Usage of litter deodorizers can also reduce the amount of odor. Just add a little bit of deodorizer each time you scoop off the waste.
  • Make sure not to use any strong-smelling deodorizer.
  • You can simply switch to a litter brand that is scented, which you and your cat both like.
  • Ventilation is essential. You need to place the litter box in a well-ventilated place.

If you can implement these strategies, you will be able to triumph over the bad smell. Additionally, if someone asks you how to get rid of cat box smell, confidently you can suggest these steps.

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Best way to scoop a cat litter box

A solid spoon plays the perfect role to scoop the solid waste. Even, in some instances, a shovel or solid spoon can help remove non-clumping wastes.

It would help if you replenished the litter box after removing the litter from the box. Don’t get me wrong, that fresh litter can control the smell. It aids in providing the perfect amount of substances for the feline to utilize when covering urine and wastes.

Obviously, uncovered poop is a lot smelly than the covered wastes. This is the thumb rule to follow if you are searching for a solution on how to stop cat litter smelling.

how to get rid of cat box smell

Does the litter box type matter?

There are various types of litter available. Picking the right litter is essential. You can even go for litters that are flavoured or scented. You must ensure that you and your cat both like the smell.

To some extent, the type of litter box really matters! You need to wisely choose the litter box according to the behaviour of your cat. It will really help you to keep things under control.

People often ask me; how often should I change my cats litter? The secret also hidden in choosing the perfect litter box. Usually, you should clean the litter box at least once in a week.

Is it wise to use a deodorizer?

Using deodorizers is quite common; you can also use baking soda as a natural deodorizer. Simply, just mix the baking soda with litter or sprinkle a bit of baking soda in the bottom and then add the litter.

You can also try charcoal filters to remove the cat litter odor and keeps it fresh.

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Using bleach to clean the box

How to keep your house from smelling like cat? The principle you should follow, is to clean the litter box with perfect agents.

Indeed, washing with bleach can be a great thing to control lousy odor and pathogenic bacteria from the box. Now, we will talk about how to clean a litter box with bleach.

You can wash the litter box with bleach once a week. If you are currently using a clumping product, you can bunk the weekly cleaning schedule.

You need to wash the box and remove it with the help of dish detergent. Make a solution of the cleaning mixture. Add 100 ml of bleach into one gallon of water to prepare the solution. Submerge the litter box and get a clean cat litter box for week-long use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1#. What type of litter box is best for cancelling bad odor?

Answer:  It depends on the attitude of your cat. Also, it depends on in which type of residence you stay.

Q2#. What Should I do if my cat smells too odd after too much cleaning?

Answer: Sometimes, the waste might smell terrible due to food habits or illness. So, it useful to consult your vet as soon as possible. You can also consult your vet to change the diet of your cat.

Q3#. Can you get sick from smelling cat litter?

Answer: In a word, Yes. Cat pee has ammonia in it that can cause headaches, nausea, and sometimes trigger asthma attacks. Young children and older people with weak immune systems might even suffer from severe illness exposure to ammonia.


Life with adorable cats is sweet but industrious. To ease your incredible journey, the article might be helpful. If you think the smelly problem is out of control and you can’t get a grip over it, It’s always wise to consult with a vet! Happy Parenting!