How to clean a litter box in an apartment (5 Five Easy Hacks)

Being a cat person seems to be real fun unless it comes to cleaning those gooey litter boxes in your apartment. The cat owner only knows how hard it is to clean a poop box in an apartment.

If you’re new to this field, you must be wondering how to clean a litter box in an apartment? It is pretty simple if you know the tricks, you can literally scoop the waste from the litter and throw it away using a disposable liner. Or you can use disposable litter boxes.

 We have got you covered mate, by following the below steps, you can get the best results with minimal effort:

Standard litter boxes for cat resides in an apartment!

You might wonder, I have searched for easy cleaning of a cat litter box in an apartment, why should I care about poop box types?

The cleaning system depends on which type of litter box you are currently using!

There must be some occasion; you just bought a poop box without any prior research. So, you should know some basics to get over litter box cleaning shocks.

If you ask me how to keep cat litter off the floor, I would suggest that choosing the right type of poop holder is crucial. Let’s talk about the most common poop box these have been used in small houses or apartments.

● Self-cleaning litter box:

The name of the box tells everything about it. It requires low maintenance, bit priced. A newbie cat owner can try this for sure. All you will need to do is empty the tray for a few weeks. The litter box will deal with the rest. It can be the best choice for a small apartment resides as an easy to clean litter box.

● Disposable litter box:

These litter boxes are made with robust elements, which ensures no leakage. The material is also breathable, so air passes through it, keeps litter dry for longer, and prevents odor. As these are not recyclable, they can be a bit tricky for new users. Great to use in an apartment. The box must be disposed of at least after 15-20 days and be replaced with a new one.

● Regular litter box:

As a cat lover, you must have itsy-bitsy experiences with regular cat poop box. Cleaning these boxes is a bit clumsy. Scoop off the clumps and put them in a disposable bag, the traditional ways of cleaning the poop box, if you choose this box. You can also wash the box after emptying it with mild soap and water.

Bulls Eye – Know the perfect positioning of the poop box:

Before going to the most popular cleaning system of cat poop box, let me share a secret with you.

Where to put the cat litter box in small apartment? If you know the answer, I must say you have mastered the parenting of feline buddies. And those who are not aware of perfect placement, let me take you to the deepest secret of placing the poop collecting box minimizing the mess probability.

Sounds hard?

Let’s break-in. These are a few places where you can place a litter box:

  • Where to put a litter box in a small apartment? Easy, where it is quiet.
  • You can place it in the corner of a laundry room.
  • You can also place it in your bathroom cabinet or beside the bathroom, where cleaning it will be more comfortable.
  • Placing it in the linen closet is also acceptable.
  • You might also give a thought about how to keep cat litter off the floor? Simple use of a litter mat.

How to clean an litter

How to train your cat (Not Dragon) not to poop out of the litter box:

All of us have one cat in our life who loves peeing outta box, as some of us love to think outta box, right? Lol.

Jokes apart! These issues are pathetic for cat owners. If you have a cat peeing outside litter box how to clean the box is must know for you.

The best way is to know how to teach a cat to clean itself. I will describe the process in steps to clarify things like crystals.

  • First, you need to make a list of the supplies you will need, like cat litter, litter box, and treats for your little one.
  • Once you have all the supplies, be sure to show her the boxes filled with litter and let her examine them.
  • Please do not move the boxes after you have shown them, moving them will create confusion.
  • It would help if you put her in the litter box after naps and after meals; she’ll give you signs like sniffing or crouching at a particular place.

Five Easy hacks of cleaning a cat poop box:

Now, we have come to the part to talk about the most popular ways of getting rid of cat wastes.

  • Use disposable box: Usage of disposable litter boxes can be handy. The trays are made from recycled goods, and they also have a pre-loaded litter in them. Usually, they last for a month, but you need to scoop off the droppings on a regular basis.
  • Switch to Self-cleaning Pans: You can switch to self-sanitizing kitten pans if you wish; this will reduce the amount of work.
  • Flushable Wooden Pallet: Using flushable wood-pellet liner is a great option for cleaning a litter box in an apartment—these last for at least two weeks. But you must wear a mask and a pair of gloves while scooping off the dirt.
  • Soapify the box: After cleaning the litter, you can use mild chemical wipes to wipe off the box. You can also use soap and a sponge to wash the litter box weekly.
  • Pet Specific Wipes Usage of pet-specific wipes is excellent if you don’t want to use water.

when do i clean up my cat litter box

Cleaning Frequency of a litter box

How often should you clean a litter box for one cat? This actually depends on the amount of waste your cat produces. Here are some steps you need to follow while cleaning the litter box in an apartment:

The thumb rule is, the poop should be removed at least once, but the best practice is twice a day. Felines are highly concern about hygiene and bad smells.

The scrubbing can be done at one month’s interval. But, if your cats are sick in these periods, you must scrub the box for at least 15 days. It will help the cat to recover faster. Proper scrubbing of the litter box helps removes pathogenic microorganisms from the box efficiently.

By now, you must have got an idea on when do I clean up my cat litter box, Right!

How to ensure hygiene in a cat litter box:

● Replacing litter:

The litter must be replaced once in a while. As days pass, the junk loses its freshness and the ability to clump easily. So, it needs to be changed once a week.

● Filling up to an ideal depth:

Filling up the box up to the right amount is quite essential. If there is not enough litter, your cat might not just feel like eliminating cat wastes. So, cat owners must fill the box with a certain amount of litter according to your cat’s size or the litter box.

● Cleaning the litter regularly:

Cleaning the litter box always depends on the type of box you use, regular litter boxes need to be washed once a week, and the dropping of the waste must be cleaned daily. At the same time, different boxes have different requirements.

Don’t worry about thinking on why does my cat freak out when I clean the litter box. It’s their natural instinct. You need to ensure regular and proper cleaning for their health and hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1#. How often do you need to clean a litter box?

Answer:  the general rule for cleaning a litter box is once or twice a week. If the litter box is disposable, then you can dispose of it after two weeks of usage. All other litter boxes must be cleaned every week 1-2 times.

Q2#. Is it okay to move a cat litter box?

Answer: Cats are quite sensitive about their environment. It is best if you can avoid moving the litter box unless it’s an absolute necessity. But if you have to, you better move it a few inches each day towards the place where you want to shift it. This will not confuse your cat.

Q3#. Do you really need two litter boxes?

Answer: Well, it is essential to have one litter box for each of your cats and one extra litter box present at your place. If the regular box is smelly or dirty, it might not use the box. In that case, it can use the other spare box.

Q4#. Is it safe to dump cat litter in the woods?

Answer: In short, No. Cats carry various parasites, which can be very dangerous. It is better to collect them in a storage bag and throw them into the trash. You can neither throw them in the woods nor flush them in your toilet.


By now, you must have learned how to clean the poop box without much hassle. Also, we have talked about things you should do to ensure your feline friend’s proper hygiene. Different gears are available nowadays; you can ensure optimum sanitation while residing in an apartment with these.

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