Do All Cats Scratch Furniture?

When you are fond of having pet cats, wouldn’t you want a sustainable environment at your place to fit both the cats and the surrounding resources?

The things are easy to ask but hard to follow!

As part of nature, cats are born with their innate behaviour of scratching. So this may bring unwanted conditions in between your pet and the place you dwell.     

As most common complexities of having cats, people want to know many things regarding them, such as,  Do all cats scratch furniture?

The other most crucial thing is knowing why scratch and how to overcome the scratching of furniture because the answer is obviously yes! They have the by-born tendency of scratching nearby objects to sharpen their claw, and the way to avoid unwanted conditions is to install a best cat scratching post ever.

Let us be described in further more detail.

Do all cats Scratch Furniture?

When it comes to chronic fact, nature also needs to accept its defeat. There are many differences in the behaviour of every individual organism, no matter if it’s an animal, human, or even plant. That is to say, everyone is born with their own unique and specific behaviour and habits that may and at times may also not differ from every other species.

Cats are the species that belong to the class of Mammalia. They are very common as domestic animals and also seen as pets in the house of many. They also secure their comfort zone in the streets or familiar to us almost everywhere.

As a part of their favourite habit, they are very much seen scratching things near them. In terms of places and environment, they are coped; they scratch materials they are used to living with. Let us know more about their specific behaviour of scratching things:

  • When it comes to your home’s furniture, then the first thing to be considered is that whether you have a pet cat or not. You can’t expect some wild cats entering your house and scratching the furniture, and just leaving your home quietly.
  • If you have a pet cat at your house, then the chances of getting your furniture scratched become indisputable. This is because they are the type of animals that love to scratch the things they dwell in.
  • So indoor cats will surely love to do some scratching on the carpets or furniture for most of the cases. They may scratch many other things that they find comfortable.
  • Cats that have access to the outdoors tend to scratch on barks of trees, posters, leaflets, and so on. So, it is very much accepted behaviour from their part of nature which, one needs to consider before making their pets.

Do Cats Scratch Leather?

There is barely a list of things nearby a cat that is protected from their scratching. However, if you are a person that loves to have a cat in a house full of furniture, especially leathers, then you will know very well how much they love to leave their marks on them.

Getting your leather materials ripped into shreds is the easiest thing you can ever get done by your cat at your house. So, it is the leather that you mostly should be careful of to ensure their sustainability. Some of the scenarios and reasons for scratching leather by pet cats are as follows:

  • Leathers are the materials that can secure their places as couches, furniture, and many more in your house. Unfortunately, you may be a person who loves to decorate the house with leather items that are most prone to the risk of cat damages.
  • Cats love to scratch particles and leave their claw mark everywhere. They scratch to sharpen their claws. In this process, the indoor cats tend to damage valuable house resources, among which leather secures the top list.
  • Furniture made out of leather, wood, and even plastics is also not safe from the cat’s scratch. But, leathers are the one which has the highest potential to get fully damaged by the sharp nails of the cats.

Best ways to Stop your cat from Scratching Furniture

As you are well aware of this by-born behaviour of cats, you are left with nothing but accepting the fact. If you want to avoid the uncertainties coming from their behaviour, you have to make a distance with the cats. And, in case you love them and wish to have them as pets, then there is nothing but to accept it.

You can’t change the behaviour of the cats but can measure the losses on behalf of them. So, some of the b themes ways to stop your cat from scratching the furniture of your home are:

Covering the furniture

The indoor cats find furniture as the mean of scratching to sharpen their claws. In the following process, the furniture gets spoiled up and even damaged in many cases. Protecting them from such a scenario becomes the last job when you are living with cats. One of the ways of keeping them away from cats is to cover them adequately.

Plastics as the mean of covering your furniture can be an excellent option. In addition, there are sandpapers available in the market to keep your cat away from the furniture. Double-sided sticky tapes can also be used.

Keeping them distracted with other alternatives

You can make a list of specific things that will keep your cat away from your valuable resources and furniture. One of the things that can be done is to train them. Training them not to scratch valuable resources but instead availing them with some other alternatives to scratch can be a prime task.

You can place unnecessary scratching materials next to the objects that you don’t want to be scratched out. For example, put some scratching posts in front of the furniture to scratch those posts instead of furniture when they come to the scratch.

Using scratching sprays and other home remedies

A couple of measures are available in the market to keep your resources safe from the cats. This includes scratching sprays and solutions that can be used over the furniture so that the cats maintain their distance from those items.

If you don’t find the readymade precautions handy, then you can prepare a set of anti-scratching ingredients at your home. The simple execution of vinegar can very quickly do the job. Besides, some other components can also be used that are primarily available at your home—for example, citrus oil, peppermint, and even garlic, for instance.


Sincerely, it’s a matter of thing to be considered when the pet you care for doesn’t care about the valued resources of your house. But their habitual scratching behaviour makes you learn to take care of your home resources as well. As they tend to scratch and damage the furniture, you are bound to take protective measures instead of changing them.