Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Barking Dogs | Review 2021

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The loud music was being played all over your house while you hosted a DJ party for your friends or colleagues. Suddenly, in the middle of the party, you noticed your dog is hiding in the corner of the house, shaking tremendously. You immediately took him to your lap, but the shivering didn’t stop at all, and you didn’t have any clue why this was happening. After some time, the music stopped for a while, and your dog seemed to come in a normal state. That’s when you understood; the loud music was causing the problem. 


Well, this is something that happened with my dog. After this incident, I noticed my dog was also behaving weirdly when I was in any noisy environment. Then I understood, my dog has a sensitive hearing system, and I have to protect him in these situations.

Now, I will discuss the best noise canceling headphones for barking dogs, and these will help your dogs to calm down.

What did I do?

I went through the configuration of some noise-canceling headphones and bought one suitable for Mark (My dog’s name). At first, Mark didn’t want to put on the headphone as he didn’t understand its function. But after some days, when he got the benefit of wearing it, he was more than happy.

I think the noise-canceling headphones are incredible when it comes to protecting your dog’s ear. I will discuss my journey with a few best dog’s headphones in this blog.

How will you understand that your dog is sensitive to loud sounds?

Different dogs react differently when they hear a loud noise, sound of fireworks, shooting, or thunderstorms. The common signs are trembling or shaking, barking, cowering, trying to escape or chewing furniture, hiding, clingy with you, etc. If you observe one or more of these signs in your dog whenever there is a loud noise, it means your dog has a sensitive hearing system and needs hearing protection.

Now don’t get worried by thinking about which one you should choose for your puppy. Let me share some of my experiences when I was searching for a suitable headphone for Mark. I think it’ll help you to choose the right one for your puppy.

What are the Best Headphones for Dogs?

Don’t buy dog headphones without knowing their specific configuration. You should know what type of earmuff is suitable for which purpose and what features they offer. If you don’t have enough time, have a look at my top pick of best dog headphones. I think you’ll be able to find the right one for your pet.

Best Overall: Peltor Sport RangeGuard Electronic Hearing Protection

“The earmuff is available in 4 NRR, can be used both indoor and outdoor, provides 4 hours auto shut-off supply with a low battery signal, and has a soft ear cushion with an adjustable strap.”

Best for Regular Use: Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection

“Available in five different sizes and four solid colors, adjustable straps and comfortable ear pad, lightweight, made of plastic with a NRR of 25-28 dB.”

Best Durability: 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector

“Soft ear cushions including a headband, a built-in rechargeable and replaceable battery which lasts up to 30+ hours with a NRR of 24 dB.”

Best for Travelling: COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

“High-quality earmuff which is available in seven different colors, reduces different sounds with comparatively less frequency, long-lasting battery with soft and comfortable ear cushion.”

Top Picks for Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Barking Dogs

I’ve picked the four best headphones for dogs from my experience. With the in-depth analysis, you’ll get to choose the compatible one for your pet.

Best Overall: Peltor Sport RangeGuard Electronic Hearing Protection

Thinking of buying a headphone for your dog that can be used both indoors and outdoors? Then make the right decision by choosing Peltor Sport RangeGuard Electronic Hearing Protection.

Best Overall: Peltor Sport RangeGuard Electronic Hearing Protection
  • Variation: Peltor Sport RangeGuard Electronic Hearing Protection is available in 4 NRR starting from 21 to 26. The one with the NRR 21 is an analog headphone, whereas the other three are digital. So you can choose the suitable one for your dog depending on his hearing sensitivity.
  • Multiple Usage: If your dog has a susceptible hearing system and he may need a headphone even indoors because of the loud music or a silly argument among your siblings, you can surely use it for your puppy’s hearing protection. On the other hand, it can also be used outside of the house while traveling or enjoying fireworks with your little furry friend.
  • Ensures Comfort: Adjustable headband is used in this headphone which will help you to fit it as needed around your dog’s head. And we all know a perfect fit ensures comfort. Ear cushions of the headphone are soft and spongy. So you don’t have to compromise with your dog’s comfort at all.
  • Long Durability: Now are you thinking about the battery lasting of this headphone? Well, it gives 4 hours auto shut-off supply and also provides a low battery signal. I think that’s long enough to protect your puppy.
  • Pros: The headphone rums on a 2 AAA battery which has the most extensive longevity of all. Soft ear pad helps to prevent damage to your dog’s ear. Thus both your puppy’s ear and the hearing system will be secured.
  • Cons: The ear cushions are soft but thick. Putting it on for a longer period may create discomfort in your dog’s ear.  So I won’t recommend you to keep it on your dog for a long time.

Best for Regular Use: Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Senstive Dogs

Now that you’ve known about the importance of using dog headphones, you may need them for your puppy’s daily use depending on the signs. Mutt Muffs DDR337 hearing protection is the best one in this case.

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  • Size: If you are worriedabout getting the perfect size of headphones for your dog, then you don’t have to. The headphone is available in five different sizes starting from X-Small up to X-Large. You can choose the suitable one depending on your dog’s immensity.
  • Adjustable Straps: Even if after choosing the right size of headphones for your dog, you face difficulties adjusting it. Adjustable straps of the headphone will help you make a great fit around your pup’s head. Adjustable straps are structured in such a way that will help to meet the curvature of your dog’s head accurately. So you don’t have to compromise with your dog’s comfort at all.
  • Comfort: The headphone’s earphones are specially designed with good quality wide foam to provide maximum comfort in your dog’s ear. This is an overhead hearing protection accessory for animals with a NRR of 25-28 dB reduction for dogs which gives maximum hearing protection to your dog from those loud sounds of the surroundings. Your dog will be sound and secured.
  • Material & Color: This amazing Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection is made of plastic material that makes the tool lightweight and comes in four different colors; black, blue, pink and red. So you can choose the color of the headphone depending on your dog’s behavior and personality.
  • Pros: The efficiency of these earmuffs increases with the high frequency of the sound. As our four-legged family members can hear much higher frequency sound than us, they may listen to high-frequency wind whistles and squeals which can’t be heard by humans, ever! A passive noise reduction system is used in this headphone which will guard your dog against hearing damage. Another interesting thing to mention, the earmuff doesn’t eliminate the loud sound in your dog’s ear. It just adjusts it to a normal level that the dog can bear. So using these headphones will not make your dog deaf.
  • Cons: The manufacturer suggests not to use the Mutt Muffs hearing protection at the time of fireworks or thunderstorms. It just doesn’t provide sufficient protection to your dog’s ear at those times that’s needed. So if you are looking for a headphone for your dog’s daily use and to get rid of regular loud noise, this is the one!

Best Durability: 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector for Barking Dogs

If you are looking for a headphone that serves your dog for the maximum time, 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector is the one to choose.

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  • Soft Ear Cushion: 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector comes in different comfortable features like soft ear cushions, including a headband. Your dog won’t get irritated wearing it.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The earmuff has a replaceable built-in rechargeable battery that comes with a cord. It also has an auto shut-off feature with a low battery indicator which will help you to take instant action to protect your dog’s ear.
  • Highest Durability: The earmuff has an NRR of 24 dB and lasts up to 30+ hours per charge. Your dog will receive the best protection from loud sounds and hazardous noises and that too for an unlimited period.
  • Pros: The background sound reduction capacity of this earmuff is top-notch. You can adjust the headphone around your dog’s head using the adjustable strap as needed. No need to worry about the size at all.
  • Cons: Sometimes, your dog may feel annoyed wearing it for a long time. So I would suggest you use the headphone by taking some breaks in between. It won’t create any discomfort for your little friend.

Best for Travelling: COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones for Dogs

Wanna go jogging or traveling with your little pet friend? Take a COWIN E7 active noise-canceling headphones for both of you, and you are good to go.

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  • High Quality: It’s a great treat to your dog’s ear. The earmuff has been kept under research for years to ensure the best service. Your dog will eventually love the headphone as it helps to make the environment quieter.
  • Variation in Color: COWIN E7 noise-canceling headphones come in seven solid colors; black, white, red, yellow, blue, green and purple. You can even have a matching pair of headphones with your dog. Pretty cool, right?
  • Lose Noise: The main focus of COWIN E7 noise-canceling headphones is to reduce the sound with less frequency like trains, engines, aviation environment or traffic noise etc. So whenever you are on a journey with your puppy, this earmuff will save your puppy’s ear from damage.
  • Long-lasting Battery: The earmuff has a built-in 750 mAh battery which provides more than 30 hours of service per full charge at ANC mode. I think this is more than enough to secure your dog’s hearing system on a long journey.
  • Comfortable Ear Cushion: It’s so important to have a soft padded earphone for your pup’s ear. COWIN E7 noise cancelling headphones come with a soft ear cushion with a protein leather memory foam, making it so much comfortable for your dog to put it on for such a long time.
  • Pros: The earmuff is ultra-lightweight, which makes it very easy to carry around. It’s also very comfy over the ear, so your dog won’t feel annoyed or disgusted putting it on for such a long time.
  • Cons: I won’t recommend you to go for it if your dog has to be in an environment with a lot of loud noise like gunshots, fireworks or thunderstorms.

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Buying Guide: How will you choose the best noise cancelling headphones for your barking dog?

Now you may ask which one you should buy for your pet. Let me help you by explaining the factors you need to go through before purchasing.

  • Size: You must get the right size for your dog. If the headphone doesn’t fit properly to your dog’s ear, it won’t give the protection perfectly and the total project will go in vain. You should also consider your dog’s immensity to get the appropriate size.
  • Noise Reduction Rate: While choosing the right earmuff for your pet friend, look at the material and how much the noise reduction rate is. Choose wisely by understanding your dog’s hearing sensitivity. The more sensitivity, the greater NRR earmuffs will be needed for your dog.
  • Ear Cushion: Dog’s ear is much more sensitive than a human. That’s why it’s a must to have a soft padded ear cushion earmuff for your dog. You have to keep in mind that the headphone’s design must be canine-friendly before making a purchase.
  • Low Battery Indication: You went hunting with your dog friend, and suddenly, his noise-canceling headphone died. As you were busy hunting, you didn’t notice it. That’s why it’s so important to have an earmuff that’ll give a low battery indication whenever you’re out with your dog, so that you can take necessary steps instantly.
  • Rechargeable Battery: As the earmuff is an accessory needed very often, you need to be sure whether the headphone battery is rechargeable or not before making a purchase. The battery should also provide service for a minimum amount of time; of course, the more, the better.
  • Comfort: After going through all the essential factors to choose the best headphone for your dog, you also have to keep it in mind whether your dog will be comfortable in it or not. Sometimes it’s hard to make the dog wear the headphone as it’s something they are not used to. But after trying several times, when they understand the benefit of using it, they will be more than happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

#Q1. Is it possible for dogs to use human headphones?

Yes, dogs can use human headphones. The basic purpose of using a dog headphone is to provide proper protection to your puppy so that he won’t face any hearing damage or disability. Any noise-canceling headphone that serves the purpose is good to use.

#Q2. Can dogs listen to music?

Well, it’s a tricky question to answer. Yes, they can listen to music if you put headphones on your dog with music on. But whether it makes any sense to them will be difficult to say. Most dogs don’t find it pleasant when you put a headphone on him with the music on as their hearing is way more sensitive than human. They can hear a lot more sound than you can, and that’s why the sound is hurtful to the dogs, which is pretty normal to you.

#Q3. Should dogs only use headphones while there is a loud noise?

Dogs surely should use headphones while they are in a noisy environment. But that’s not the only case. If your little friend has an ear infection or noise phobia, then being in a less noisy environment may cause problems, as their ears are slightly more sensitive than others. In such cases, using earmuffs will give them the highest protection.

#Q4. Won’t my dog hear my sound after putting on a noise cancelling headphone?

Yes, your dog will hear your sound even after putting on the noise-canceling headphone. Because though these headphones are called noise-canceling headphones, they don’t eliminate the noise completely. They reduced the noise levels so that when the sound enters your dog’s ear, they receive it at an acceptable level.

#Q5. Are there any alternatives to dog’s headphones?

No, there are no healthy alternatives to dog headphones. Some people simply ignore the fact that their dog may have a fear of loud sounds. But eventually, it’ll damage your dog’s hearing capability. So I recommend using noise-canceling headphones for your little pet friend as their ears are much more sensitive than humans.


I appreciate you for coming this far with me. If my share of knowledge helps you to pick the right earmuff for your dog, that would be my pleasure. And I’ve covered all the details that you need to know through your research. So if you have gone through the whole content, congratulations! You’re ready to buy the most suitable and best noise-canceling headphone for barking dogs.

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