Our Story

This is Evelin K.Williams. I am passionate about dogs, cats, and love sharing everything. I have Created dog-cat-talk to talk about my journey, Products that I have used/admire, and lessons that I have learned in my dog cat career.

There are lots of blogs I have written on this website along with some real reviews by me which I think might be useful for you.

From the very childhood, I had a fascination with dogs. I remember our neighbor used to have an American bulldog. He was a lively pet. I used to play all the time with him. From that time, I knew how much dogs and cat make me happy!

But I never got to have a dog of my own until my twentieth birthday. My mother gifted me with a Siberian husky. From then, he became my friend in health and sickness. I hang out a lot with him. He makes me feel relaxed and less stressed.

Since then, he has been a part of our family. We love him a lot.

We were so attached to him that we decided to open a breeding firm of our own. We went straight to the breeder’s house.

Over time, we experienced and learned a lot. I thought I would share my lovely experience with you through this website.

I made this website to talk about dogs and have a fun time. and also The goal of dogcattalk is straight and simple – help you choose the best product!

The goal of this website:

Whatever I’m sharing on this website is from my personal experience with dogs. Everything you read here is a real-life experience.

Dogcattalk is dedicated to (dog and cat) Welfare. By Publishing dog cat care news and Best Product buying advice. Our mission is to create a better world for both. We believe that bet health and well-being can and should be improved through proper nutrition, lifestyle and veterinary care, but at the same, we would also like to make pet care as hassle-free as possible for pet parents. This is why we exist-to make your life,dear reader,as well as your dog or cat life easier and better.